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Ya escuchaste Me Gusta hoy? Já escutou Me Gusta hoje? Have you already heard Me Gusta today?
09/19/2020 08:49
Brasiiiiilll @iamcardib @myketowers
09/19/2020 07:31
Good morniiiinnnnnng
09/19/2020 04:17
Hi world.... these are the both rhythms we put together on my new track with @iamcardib and @myketowers "Me Gusta". Welcome to my country. For those of you just catching into Brazilian music - #MeGusta has a mixture different genres, from different areas of Brasil: Baile Funk and Pagodão + Arrocha. Baile Funk comes from Rio de Janeiro's favelas, and is derived from Miami Bass. Today, it's Brazil's equivalent of a hip hop, or reggaeton: it's our biggest genre consisting of MCs rapping over beats. It's what I grew up singing, and the genre is constantly evolving. In my catalogue, you'll find many variations of it: Funk 150bpm, Funk Melody, Funk Rave, etc. Pagodão and Arrocha come from Salvador. Currently, 80% of the city is of African descent. The city maintained various cultural practices brought from Africa in their religion, food, and especially in its music: it's filled with percussions and unique rhythms you won't find anywhere else in the world. I suggest everyone researches into the music of Salvador: it's filled with beautiful afro-brazilian rhythms such as samba reggae, axé, to name a few. It's an honour to be able to showcase internationally these two different cultures in the same song. Video: @lucasraion Music Mashup: @rafadiasdays
09/19/2020 03:23
Me Gusta como baila @addisonraee
09/19/2020 12:33
Thank you, @Spotify! Listen to Me Gusta on New Music Friday!
09/18/2020 08:23
It's out Ya esta disponible Já tá no ar o clipe ME GUSTA on YouTube
09/18/2020 06:12
Go get "Me Gusta"
09/18/2020 09:25
Ok... now the video with sound. That was the exactly moment I figured out the best woman ever was jumping on my track. Yeah my manager just made me the best surprise of my life. #MeGusta
09/18/2020 09:15
Do Japão até o Brasil “Me Gusta” já está disponível em todas as plataformas. Corre pra ouvir. It’s almost midnight in your country so you can check on “Me Gusta” in all the platforms
09/18/2020 06:19
Me Gusta video premiere tomorrow on @YouTube at 8am PST / 12pm Brazil I’ll be live to talk to all of you for 15minutes before the premiere so come early! Link to premiere: https://Anitta.lnk.to/MeGustaPremiere
09/18/2020 04:30
Pra quem não sabe, Didá é um dos grupos de percussão mais importante do país composto apenas por mulheres. Tem um trabalho social importante na formação e na inserção das mulheres como percussionistas, um ambiente tradicionalmente ocupado apenas por homens. Foi fundado há 25 anos por Neguinho do Samba, criador do Samba Reggae que já tocou com Michael Jackson e Paul Simon, e liderado hoje por sua filha. Elas também estão no clipe de "Me Gusta", que vocês conferem amanhã 12h pm (Brazil time). EN Get to know Dida, one of the most importants percussion groups of Brazil, composed only by women. They have a very relevant social work on the professional development and insertion of women musicians on the percussion environment, traditionally dominated by men. The group was founded 25 years ago by Neguinho do Samba, the creator of the brazilian samba-reggae, who played with Michael Jackson and Paul Simon, and today is leaded by his daughter. Banda Didá will be featuring Me Gusta, 12pm, tomorrow.
09/18/2020 02:15