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Insults that sting, courtesy of Evelyn Rollins.The season finale of Palm Royale is now streaming.
05/08/2024 07:00
Who knew beached whales make such good listeners?
04/25/2024 11:39
This week, Palm Beach’s hottest party is a Scottish funeral. A new episode of #PalmRoyale is available now on @appletv
04/17/2024 02:51
POV: when you get to work with one of your comedy idols. Episode 4 of #PalmRoyale is streaming now on @appletv
03/27/2024 03:46
Annnnd that’s a wrap on “Miss You, Love You!” I’m still processing this amazing and joyous and stressful and crazy and unpredictable ride that we all took. (This post took a beat to craft as I searched for photos where it didn’t look like stress was eating me alive.)I am so grateful for an incredible cast and crew and team that navigated a fast and full 17 day shoot. Whether it was tackling a “13 page count” day or problem solving on a day when it snowed in a movie where it’s not supposed to snow, I was damn lucky to have had the “family” that I did on this journey. And speaking of “13 page count” day, my cast: The beautiful, hilarious and talented souls of @allisonbjanney & @andrewrannells! From the first table read to Day 1 on set to Day 17 on set, I couldn’t have imagined a better pairing. Then, add to them the talented forces of: @notreallysuzy @oscarnunezla @lisaschurga & @bonniehunt_real! And then, yeah, you pretty much just have to say “action” and they’ll do all the rest! (In addition to heavy notes, of course. Like HEAVY, “my way or the highway” type notes. Like, smart and impeccable and “on point” notes. Like, “wow Jim. Good note.” Those type of notes. You get it. ????) I will forever be thankful and grateful to @heymadisonwells for making this all possible! As well as the love and support from #KevinWalsh and his team at TheWalshCo. And, of course, the amazing friend who is #NatFaxon. His words. ???? No. Relax. Those are mine. He’s not really on IG so I’ll read this whole thing to him. And pause before I mention him…. Just to make him wonder if I did. #MissYouLoveYou
03/11/2024 05:53
02/02/2024 11:33
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