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My new writer/director work for young upcoming artist, wonderful and brave @top.leoo is out now!???????????????? Please watch and let me know what you think???? Link in stories????????
11/11/2022 01:19
Oh my goodness congratulations!!! I loved following your last pregnancy journey, how exciting! Xxx
11/06/2022 01:02
Binks x Big Swede / 22.07.2022 ✨????????????
08/01/2022 12:04
What an incredible week ???? We finally celebrated our wedding surrounded by friends and family in the beautiful Greek Island of Corfu. We are so excited to share our big day with you, so click the link in my bio for all the details, and pick up a copy of HELLO!, out tomorrow to see all the special moments from our big day. Free - All Right Now ???? (the song we walked in singing) @hellomag @max_fd ????????
07/31/2022 04:08
Nappy dancing … can’t beat it! Moves like his mama ???????? TGIF ☀️
07/15/2022 12:13
Join me and Rosie @mamawelluk in this quick burner cardio circuit, guaranteed to get you energised! ????5 moves30s work / 10s restAs many sets as you feel! (We did 4)1️⃣ 8 punches / 2 squat jumps2️⃣ Kick through 3️⃣ Side gallops4️⃣ Mountain climbers5️⃣ jumping lunge switchesThis is quite high impact! For lower impact eg. suitable for pregnancy & postpartum, head to @mamawelluk & Rosie will give options for each movement.Hope you enjoy!Let us know in the comments what kind of workout you’d like to see next ⬇️ ????????
06/30/2022 09:04
…… Basically what my sunbathing looks like these days! ????????????‍♀️☀️
06/16/2022 06:55
Safe to say I made PLENTY of plans with my little crew whilst Max was on his stag ???? …. Although a little stressful at times, there was lots of special memory making. Especially on our walks with Pedro, just taking a little time to reflect & feel enormously grateful. ???? He’s now back a little broken after 4 days away … and I’m going to miss the stairs and the chair in our bedroom clear of his clothes! Welcome home @max_fd ????
05/30/2022 11:01
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