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ad. I'm trying to make the most of the remaining sun and I'm taking full advantage of the weather and wearing dresses, like this beautiful @Oasisfashion piece, which could also be worn in the autumn season. I'm a huge fan of dresses, they're comfortable and really easy to wear, which is why I love the Oasis Autumn collection. They have beatiful pieces like over-sized knits and flowing maxi dresses. #OasisLoves
09/16/2021 05:10
Never without someone on me! When one goes to bed … another appears! My fur baby, I’m sure feels a little left out sometimes - so there is nothing he loves more than a big wug from mummy! ????
09/15/2021 06:41
???? Grateful every day.
09/14/2021 08:17
S U N D A Y strolls with my boys ????
09/12/2021 06:54
I love one on one time with India, nothing beats spending time with your family, especially at India’s age, but when I need to do something around the house or change a stinky Wolfie nappy, it can be difficult to keep India entertained (Thank goodness for big girl school). On holiday last month, I learnt about Reading Eggs, which is an app that is a game but also learning tool for kids aged 2 - 12, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting India to like it but she does and now I get daily requests to have Max’s iPad!! Reading Eggs makes learning to read fun and engaging, using a variety of games and activities. I always used to get parent guilt about the amount of time India wanted on the iPad, especially over lockdown but this app actually is something productive, which India actually gets really excited about, and I can really see her learning. India hounds us to use the app daily now, so we’ve limited it to 30-40 minutes a day, which means that I know India is safe, happy and learning, I can get a bit of time to myself without feeling guilty, weather it means a quick workout, some time with Wolfie or do a bit of cooking without having to juggle too much. On holiday this app was a life-saver, especially at dinner time, when we were eating out. Reading Eggs are offering a free 30 day trial so there's no reason not to sign up and see if your kids enjoy it. Head to my stories and follow the link to sign up today AD
09/11/2021 07:33
????A YEAR AGO TODAY THIS HAPPENED!!! ???? One of my favourite days of all time ???? What a year @max_fd ☺️ Love you x #engagementring #engaged
09/11/2021 10:55
First week of school done ✔️ She is loving it saying ‘I want to go back lots and lots and lots and LOTS’!!! The teachers are amazing & we are loving our new little routine. So proud of her. She even got her name on the classroom gold star today for very good listening!! … ⭐️ shame she’s not very good at doing that at home! ???? I personally had pretty bad experiences at a couple of my schools, ( I ended up going to 8) … with my parents moving, breaking up and us moving again. A school in Brighton was my particularly low point, I was very badly bullied there. Having previously gone to schools in the country, this town school was a very different experience. I had been brought up with all my friends going to pony club camps, horse shows & playing in fields & these girls were into make up, clothes, running around town and boyfriends . I clearly didn’t fit in, I just didn’t understand their obsessions. Mummy ended up having to come into the school, have a meeting and pull me out early. I can still remember that sick feeling in my tummy when walking to school in the morning & being sat alone every time in registration whilst everyone was in their little groups not even trying to include me…. this was just the tip of the iceberg and I remember crying most days. Although it was dreadful at the time, I feel now almost greatful for the experience as it’s shaped me and made me even more aware of what to look for through my own children’s school years. I’m pretty sure my severe acne might have played a huge part in my confidence and remember my father saying to mummy … ‘ it’s gods natural contraceptive’ lol. I’m going to work so hard at keeping a good communication & relationship with my children that they feel they can tell me everything. And now I also feel I have the knowledge to spot all the warning signs of things not being quite right. ????????
09/10/2021 09:40
SKY Kids is our family’s go-to for relaxing and watching TV, whilst cuddling India. There’s so many options which provide a more active viewing experience to help your kids learn whilst watching TV and with content from Netflix Kids, YouTube Kids, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. There is always something to watch. The Paw Patrol Shorts are exclusive to Sky Kids and is the perfect collection for this! It has games, fitness, arts & crafts and educational content all in one place. India really does love Paw Patrol and I’ve been guilty of getting into an episode or two!! Find the Paw Patrol Shorts by using the Sky Q voice command ‘“Paw Patrol is on a roll”! #SkyFamily #SkyKids @SkyTV #AD
09/09/2021 07:52
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