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DON’T MISS IT!????I arranged this early Sneak Peak at the last minute for u guys, ‘cause I know we could all use some escapism today.????So take a deep breath, allow yourself a momentary break from the news, TUNE IN to Sirius XM’s BILLY JOEL CHANNEL a lil’ before 5 PM EST Today... and enjoy. X???? Photo By: @wmcphoto
11/05/2020 12:02
SOUND UP????????????Happy Belated Halloween, Tarts n’ Vickers! SWIPE 2 see what the blue full moon brings.✨I’ve always felt like a bit of a freak & outsider in society, so this wasn’t much of a stretch for me. ;) Ever fascinated by Tim Burton’s delightful elixir of fantastical surrealism & whimsical morbidity... thus, here I am in an earnest attempt as Beloved Lydia from Beetlejuice.????????Alas I couldn’t procure the fringe bangs, lace veil, & flying special-effects at the last minute... ah well! Hope u all had a wickedly fun weekend. X????
11/01/2020 11:15
SOUND UP????????????More behind-the-scenes footage in studio: recording my new single Seven Years, dropping January 2021.????Gotta love Tommy Byrnes belting at the top there, eh? I was trying to get the perfect vocal-take for this line in the 2nd Chorus: ‘We’re Invincible Forever’. As a vocalist, I’ve always thought that the most dynamically-effective way to approach a ballad is to sing the 1st chorus straight, without altering the original phrasing— so by the time that 2nd chorus rolls around, the song should build in emotional intensity— which lends itself to stretching & playing with the phrasing for a more dramatic impact... otherwise known as ‘melisma’. Make sense? It’s all about experimenting 2 see what flows organically, then singing it over & over again til there’s nothing left to be improved upon. At least, that’s how I do it.????Stay tuned here for music updates, clips, musings... thank u guys for the beautiful love + support. I see you.????
10/27/2020 02:06
SOUND UP????????????Before I share a sneak preview of the final track, here’s some behind-the-scenes raw footage in studio.????I wanted to give u guys a peak into the process of recording, and what it takes to bring a song to fruition. There’s a myriad of ingredients to add to the mix if you’re gonna get it just right.????In case you’re wondering who the voice is on the other side of the glass? That’s my good friend, Tommy Byrnes... you might’ve seen him not too long ago, rocking it monthly at The Garden with Pop! This here’s a snippet of yours truly— I’m singing the layered harmony parts for the ‘sha la las’ in the chorus. I HATE Auto-Tune, so I’m always aiming to get the take as perfectly pitched as possible 2 avoid having my vocal tone altered in the mix. I was recording a capella here— without production added, cuz it’s 100X easier to hear your own pitch that way. All those instrumental bits get properly placed & leveled into the polished record after the vocal takes are done.????Stay tuned for more clips to come, and soon: The First Teaser of my upcoming single... SEVEN YEARS.????X
10/25/2020 10:59
????My new single SEVEN YEARS is dropping soon...????????????????I’m gonna give u lovelies the first preview next week, so you better stay tuned! It’s a nostalgic, bittersweet, n’ sweeping ballad, but of course. ;) Quite a bit anthemic too.????—4 Glamor Shots By My Precious Mother @christiebrinkley ????Love N’ Light Kiddos...????
10/20/2020 11:08
SOUND UP????Messing around in the studio for no particular reason, just to play.????????Here’s a bit of a piece I wrote, ‘The Awakening’. More to come, stay tuned...????Captured By: @myrnasuarezphoto
10/08/2020 12:58
????IN THE STUDIO????????????Pix By @myrnasuarezphoto ...something BIG is coming soon!!!????????
10/06/2020 05:08
SOUND UP — a preview of what’s to come... I just finished recording my brand new song SEVEN YEARS at @fluxstudiosnyc — Single Dropping Soon!!!????I wanna thank u guys for the overflow of love & support... it keeps me going, truly. I’m only interested in ONE thing these days, and that’s bringing you original music from my ????...written + played + sung by me. Real Music will heal our aching world!! I won’t stop pushing ‘til I break through and am acknowledged by the general public at-large & the music industry as a major artist in my own right. Kindly stay tuned here for more previews & updates... big things ahead! Love n’ light.???? Captured By: @myrnasuarezphoto
10/02/2020 03:13
SOUND UP ????For anyone who’s ever felt gravely misunderstood, misrepresented, underestimated, or overlooked... same. I got u.???????? @cafecarlyle ????X
09/29/2020 06:36
SOUND UP????????...’pray for the flame that’s igniting / it’s taking all that I have / why you gotta give me those heavy eyes? / those heavy eyes // I feel them press against me / high and low / slowly uncover me / while I’m discovering’... —— HEAVY EYES in the works, written by me.????Oh, and I’ve got a whole other BRAND NEW SONG COMING SOON, so stay tuned for the release of my Surprise Single & Teaser Clips upcoming!!!????????I’ve been recording in the studio all week... can’t wait to share some sneak-previews with u guys shortly. Big things are coming. X????
09/26/2020 02:00
????Stay Tuned For New Music & Lyrics! In the meantime, I’m revisiting this here ramble I wrote at sea...⚓️ —‘she dresses in the old captain’s style / n’ rides the Staten Island Ferry / without knowing where it’s going, how long she’ll bide her time, or why / she just likes how the distant blue lights beckon promises across the Hudson River / she wishes on them like a star; yearning for skylines brighter n’ bigger / and though they haven’t as of yet quite set sail or delivered / she still smiles upon the windswept bow at dusk / grasping for the muddled, salted waters / arms outstretched, curling over the edge, watching the furious foam fall into itself with steady motion; like a tireless, whirring wheel / she pours herself into the all-knowing blanket of marine / likening the sea to some vast, godly prophet / who might bring her closer to the port that holds those pulsating blue lights / she swore they understood her / lonesome n’ restless, beaming against a mass of nothingness / plunging madly into the cobalt sound’— COBALT SOUND ????By Me???????? pics by @jillrappaport_ ????
09/15/2020 01:14
SOUND UP ????I gotta case of Chronic NYC Cabaret Nostalgia...???? in the meantime, kindly stay tuned for NEW teaser clips & original music coming in two shakes of a lamb’s tail!????????
09/06/2020 09:46
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