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I guess I’ll put it here too
04/04/2021 10:23
@maisonvalentino ????
03/10/2021 02:41
Tell em @maisonvalentino @pppiccioli #ValentinoDiVas #ValentinoCollezioneMilano #RomanStud
03/09/2021 08:47
@criticschoice look 2????
03/09/2021 03:20
Thank you @criticschoice for a beautiful evening and the honor of the @seeherofficial award, lucky to just be next to so many artists I admire✨
03/08/2021 08:00
So excited to announce the new Spider-Man title. So proud of this one...FOS is back! (Friends of Spider-Man)
02/24/2021 03:36
Very lucky to be amongst these absolutely brilliant people on this very special 27th Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue! Thank you @vanityfair Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari #VFHollywood
02/23/2021 11:36
Happy Valentine’s Day from Marie (If you’re watching our movie tonight with your significant other...we’re sorry lol)
02/15/2021 05:04
Full of excitement and nervousness as this lil movie we made in lockdown with people I love is coming out in the next few hours. Nervousness for a few reasons. Normally I’m pretty self-critical and that leads me to be far too fearful to make things myself or trust myself enough to even try. This is really my first time believing that maybe I could. This is my first time being a leading lady, but also my first time being this creatively involved in something, producing something, co-financing something, owning something and sharing it all with my crew. We made this as a family, shot it in 14 days with a 22 person crew I am eternally grateful for. For their talent, their time, their hard work, and their willingness to believe in this film. If there’s anything to learn from this year, and I hope from our little movie, it’s gratitude for every moment and every person we get to love. To stop and acknowledge the people in our lives who make it possible to do the work we do and honestly, make life worth living. It comes in many forms and sometimes it’s just a thank you. All that being said, on behalf of our little crew of 22, we hope you laugh (please laugh lol) and cry and hopefully enjoy this little thing we made with a whole lot of love. Love Maree (I spell mine with two E’s)
02/05/2021 07:52
This one hurts, today we honor and celebrate the life of one of the greatest to ever do it. Thank you Cicely Tyson. Rest in great power.
01/29/2021 03:47
01/19/2021 10:39
01/12/2021 11:11

Zendaya новости

09 марта 2021
Зендая стала пятой по счету актрисой, удостоившейся такой награды.
01 декабря 2020
С помощью роли во взрослом сериале.
26 февраля 2019
Зендая снялась в рекламном фотосете новой коллекции в стиле 70-х годов. Автором модной линейки стал дизайнер Томми Хилфигер.
13 августа 2018
В Лос-Анджелесе компания Fox провела юбилейню 20-ю церемонию Teen Choice Awards. Американская молодежь с помощью голосования определила победителей. Триумфатором вечера стали фильмы киновселенной Marvel.
19 июня 2018
В Санта-Монике вручили премию MTV Movie & TV Awards. По ковровой дорожке прошлись многочисленные звезды: Ким Кардашьян с мамой, Кристен Белл, Элисон Бри и многие другие.