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Oh @tinaturner ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Have you all seen @hbo documentary ‘Tina’ yet? The desperate agony of most of her life; the complexities of the violent abuse she suffered in her own home. The impossibility of Mothering when all she could manage was to stay ALIVE for them. The weight of that pain was so apparent. And then Buddha. The key. The issue of ‘Race’ wasn’t covered in any explicit way - but the spectrum of personalities of all shades; was evidence that cruelty comes in all colours, as does love. My take away is that Tina touched a higher power - beyond so called ‘Race’, gender, geography and social situations. She did it with her voice and her indomitable spirit. She was a vessel, a shaman, a gift to humanity. Her life has enormous lessons to teach us. And now, with grace and dignity, she is saying goodbye. Goodbye beautiful Tina. Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu ????????
03/29/2021 11:05
TODAY, at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT, a panel of health practitioners and experts — #DrJoiaCrearPerry, #DrKarenScott, #DrAlishaLiggett and #DrGailWyatt — will join AAPF Executive Director (ED) #KimberléCrenshaw for a vital conversation on Black women’s healthcare experiences. The event, co-hosted by the #NationalBirthEquityCollaborative, will discuss stereotyping and mistreatment, debunk misinformation, and highlight the intersectional failures that lead to Black women’s disproportionate vulnerabilities within the healthcare system. You can register for the panel, “When Misogynoir is a Pre-existing Condition: Black Women’s Health During the Twin Pandemics.” Register through www.eventbrite.com It’s FREE!! For this year’s #HerDreamDeferred, @aapolicyforum has curated a full week of programming centered on the needs and experiences of Black women. Since its inception, the annual #HerDreamDeferred week has countered the marginalization of Black women and girls within racial and gender justice discourses by amplifying their voices and narratives and providing the tools to dismantle the structural barriers that plague them in their homes, schools, and communities.
03/29/2021 10:43
Ok I’m crying so hard as I write. These are my parents. Nick and Nyasha. Today is their 49th wedding anniversary. They’ve both been through so much, separately and together. They’ve shared their lives and their cultures - they’ve fought oppression, political and cultural. They’ve changed attitudes of people with their presence. 30 years together in Cornwall was the most painful passage, for both of them, but they were defiant. And they survived. Together. My own abuse in the industry has caused them untold pain. We’ve come through together - and are evidence of what’s possible in a lifetime. If you give few f***s that is. They give all the f***s, but me and their son, we give none. And my parents’ journey is going to matter, always. I plan to make sure of it. Rudo Baba, Rudo Amai. Thandiwe x
03/25/2021 11:14
Oh Montana. Thank you thank you thank you. In 10 days you’ve shown me transformation and adaptation on an elemental scale. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. X Thandie
03/23/2021 08:24
Happy Birthday to this precious love bug @rio_hair Half Indian, half Caribbean he grew up doing family hair that was everything from dead straight to Afro. He can do EVERYTHING. We met when he was starting out, and now I have to book way ahead in advance ???? Nah - no one more loyal than Rio. I’m always like, ‘just a ponytail, natural’ and he tooth sucks, gives me the side eye, and 20 minutes later I’m HOOKED UP. He reminds us that we are Queens. Always. We love you baby, Thandie and Nico xx
03/21/2021 05:58
More #Montana magic. Back again, a full year later, to complete our labour of love ‘God’s Country’. Directed by my now dear friend @filmjulian Written by Julian and @shizzleobizzle A privilege. Watch this space :)
03/15/2021 03:21
Happy Mothers Day. My beautiful Amai. I invite her to every destination I find myself in. To support, and to delight in the blessed career I have. She deserves the fortunes more than I do. I never, ever forget that. This was us @thebroadmuseum a couple of years ago. We were both entranced by this light installation #yayoikusama Rudo Amai xxxxxxxx
03/15/2021 01:01
Today marks one year since #BreonnaTaylor was killed. Join me, @NAACP_LDF and on-the-ground Louisville organizations in calling on your Senators to support the passing of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. This crucial bill will end qualified immunity, an abolishment that is critically needed to hold officers liable for their actions, and reduce police racial bias and violence against people of color. Thandie x
03/13/2021 09:26
Back. In. Montana! #God’sCountry One year later... ???????????????????????? @maiamiberlin @engineered_garments_official @merrell
03/13/2021 12:21
I keep trying to post about @danielkaluuya in #judasandtheblackmessiah But the truth is I have no words. I just remain, in a state of astonishment. If you haven’t already, you’ve got to see this movie. #AllthePowertoAllthePeople T
03/13/2021 12:09
And this boy @lakeithstanfield3 #JudasandtheBlackMessiah One of the most courageous performances I’ve seen; playing #WilliamONeil the FBI informant who was part responsible for the murder of Panther activist #FredHamptonRIP. It’s so hard to bear witness to a man of colour betraying Fred and the cause, but with #ShakaKing’s fearless direction it’s as powerful and poignant as it can be. He’s always been an exciting actor #GetOut #SorrytoBotherYou #Atlanta #UncutGems A chameleon; always leaving you uncertain of where he’s going next; in choices, performance, tone - he weaves with a broad spectrum of yarn... true artist. And he loves his Mama and she is the cutest on his IG :) Thank you brother ????????
03/08/2021 03:24
Watched last night. Absolutely unflinchingly brilliant. Thank you to everyone involved. #ShakaKing is so exciting - and #SeanBobbitt DOP holy shit. The performances are STUNNING. @danielkaluuya @lakeithstanfield3 @domfishback and SO MANY MORE. The casting is impeccable. It’s devastating to watch, even if you already know the details. But this is what cinema can do. And in this moment THIS is what cinema is for. Restoring the truth about humanity’s past so we can move forward as one. Because right now, we are not one humanity - we’re a disease. This movie was a drop of medicine. @staymacro #BRON #allthepowertoallthepeople✊????✊????✊????✊????✊???? Xx
03/07/2021 10:30

Thandie Newton новости

12 апреля 2019
Звезда «Стражей Галактики», Зои Салдана, побывала на «Очень позднем шоу Джеймса Кордена». Актриса с юмором рассказала о том, что родная мать путает её с Тэнди Ньютон.
15 января 2019
Николя Гескьер, креативный директор бренда Louis Vuitton, представил новую коллекцию Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2019. Для участия в лукбуке были приглашены звёзды Голливуда.
15 января 2019
В Санта-Монике завершилась церемония награждения Critics' Choice Awards – 2019. Победа в номинации «Лучшая актриса» досталась Леди Гага и Гленн Клоуз. По красной дорожке мероприятия прошлись такие голливудские красавицы как Шарлиз Терон, Джулия Робертс, Николь Кидман, Эмили Блант и многие другмие знаменитости.
11 мая 2018
В Голливуде прошла премьера картины «Хан Соло: Звездные войны. Истории». По ковровой дорожке прошлись Эмилия Кларк, Тэнди Ньютон, Вуди Харрельсон, Пол Беттани и Олден Эренрайк.
06 ноября 2009
Британской актрисе Тэнди Ньютон сегодня исполняется 37 лет. И как же она, мать двоих детей, умудряется сохранять фигурку балерины?..
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