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4 days til tour starts!!
01/07/2023 06:32
tiny aquarium shoes ❤️
12/09/2022 10:32
Amsterdam by @ineskarma ???? ft. @jane.noise @emiliapaige.s @myqlemotorcycle & all you cuties
11/26/2022 10:02
milk teeth is out!!!! <33 ????i can’t begin to tell you what it means to me that these first songs I ever made are now being released together and on an ep along with neon signs ????every part of the last seven years has been a process that has only been possible with the expertise, prescenes and love of those around me. thank you so much to @blueymay @findlaymusic @julesapollinaire @lisaminervaluxx @sammywitte @claremaguire @frooozan (we’re on video number 5!) and @evadolezalovaofficial who have been on this journey with me from the start <3 ❤️ we got vinyl!!cover art photos by @evadolezalovaofficial graphics and design by @dan.franco ✨thank you to @subpop & @jet.mgmt ????
11/04/2022 03:13
coolest place in the world tour artist pre sale is now live!! pw: COOLESTPLACE
10/19/2022 10:48
some behind the scenes shot by @robdeboer_ our 2nd camera operator and star! photos also by @lucyebowen as we spent three days in the middle of tour honing my skills as an equestrian, captain, gravedigger and 19th century time traveler
10/06/2022 05:44
Lookin sharp friend ! ????
09/18/2022 01:48
09/02/2022 06:16

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