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Have you ever wished you could be a child forever ????‍????@olympiaohanian
01/04/2022 11:13
I'm ready for 2022!
12/31/2021 11:15
My morning ????
12/30/2021 04:58
Ladies and gentleman…. meet the women behind @serena.ventures. Our portfolio companies consist of over $30 billion in the market cap. We are just beginning. @serenawilliams (me ????) @ali_jo_rap_stillman @abirliben @serena.ventures
12/29/2021 05:01
I follow the sun. Where are you? ☀️❄️⛈
12/27/2021 04:58
These past few days have been hectic. I feel like I’ve been everywhere and back. Thanks @wheelsup, until next time ...
12/21/2021 02:01
What a weekend for my VC company @serena.ventures teamed up with @Invescoqqq, @legacyclassic, and @macventures to give HBCU students and alumni the chance to win $1 million in a pitch competition. The winner, Tracflo is an online platform that allows contractors track the flow of their costs. We’re so proud of all the finalists and are excited to continue closing the gap on funding for Black entrepreneurs, who receive less than 2% of VC funds. Congratulations to all the competitors and the winner! Let’s keep making awareness and keep it going!
12/20/2021 04:58
Good morning
12/18/2021 05:00

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