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Pre renting out my belly to our little bubba to use as a house ???? just so you all know - soon my account name will be changing to my actual name ‘sarahkohan’... my account will still be the same and still have the same content but I feel it’s a great change and when I asked all of you what you thought the majority of you wanted me to change it!!.... so when you see ‘sarahkohan’ on your feed and not ‘moonstrucktraveller’ still know it’s me ????
01/25/2019 06:26
When @ashleyfrangie in town to ???? me and our little love ???????? at sunrise ???? ❤️
01/24/2019 07:22
Earth mama @jacquieaiche ✨
01/23/2019 08:59
@fashionnova It snowed ❄️ for an hour last night and I was so excited that I could wake up and see snowfall on the ground.... but that was not the case!! Forecasted to snow tomorrow though soooo let’s hope the best!!! ❄️ ⛄️
01/23/2019 05:34
Live for these moments!! ???? Can’t wait to show baby the world and all the beautiful things in it... —> but if that’s going to happen we need to be much more proactive about Elephants ???? and Rhinos ???? protection - and also education to the world that their horns/ tusks serve no medicinal purpose whatsoever. Poaching occurs a lot of the time because struggling families in these third would countries get paid a huge amount of money to kill these beautiful creatures so that they can be used in medicine overseas (that doesn’t even do what they think it does - horns and tusks have no medicinal properties - they are the same as human fingernails). Therefore providing other forms of income for these struggling families is a constant struggle in these countries and is why these tragedies keep occurring ???????????? how can we help so that these animals don’t become extinct? What are your thoughts on the topic?? <—
01/22/2019 05:59
Wearing @fashionnova and currently listening to reggaeton and opera because that’s what baby seems to kick most too ???? does anyone know if the kicks mean they like it or not? Or simply just reacting to the sound??
01/22/2019 03:56
18 weeks pregnant!!...@fashionnova Which means we are almost half way!! ???? baby is growing a lot and has been kicking me for about 2 weeks now... we have been able to see his/her kicks on the outside of my tummy for about 4 days ❤️❤️❤️❤️
01/21/2019 05:33
Sundays in London @fashionnova ✨
01/20/2019 05:14
Carrying a very important package ???? I am going to have a new website coming very soon so that I can have a more permanent place for all the information you always ask about travel, beauty, fitness, health.. and now pregnancy ❤️ I am starting to prepare blog posts so if you have topics you want me to talk about please comment below!! ???? by @tajnihal aka Aunty Ja Ja (bump pic from a month ago!)
01/19/2019 04:58
Bumping around ???? @fashionnova
01/18/2019 07:48
First bump pic!! This was a month ago when I was still in Hawaii.. bump is a lot bigger now it’s just so cute!! I cant believe a little baby is in my tummy????❤️????????—————????????How many weeks pregnant do you think I was here?????????——— Hint: it’s more than 12 ???? by @tajnihal of course!! #babypea
01/18/2019 05:15
Lady in Blue ???? shot from @fifteentwenty campaign
01/17/2019 07:46
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