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A magical person. A legend to his siblings, and a miracle of faith to his mother, Deb Falconer. The doctors said he’d never come to term healthy, as her diabetes would prohibit it. Incorrect. From day one, a joy, a deep thinker, an empath and an artist. To see his father’s addiction almost destroy everything in the 90s, and to then persevere and overcome his own. Absolutely the least materialistic human I know, and positively one of the most dedicated singer/ songwriter / musicians in LA!!!! Indio Falconer Downey, I salute your soul, spirit and wisdom. Welcome to 30, now rock the F out!!!!
09/07/2023 04:00
18 years , love still in bloom!!
08/27/2023 04:00
Linking up with my Oppenheimer cast mates...wait, is that a Krasinski photo bomb or might there be a surprise cameo???
07/09/2023 03:00
2 weeks out.. buckle the hell up. #DowneysDreamCars premieres June 22 on Max.
06/08/2023 03:59
Congrats to my partners @Aura_Protects for launching our new, proprietary, AI-powered scam call & text protection. Surely this will chip away at the $1.15 billion lost to scam calls and texts last year..
05/10/2023 04:00
The final chapter is headed your way. Season 3 of #SweetTooth is coming to @netflix.
05/03/2023 01:59
57 you’ve been too kindwith deep gratitude I shall rewind..
04/05/2023 12:21
please let the hair grow back please ????
03/14/2023 04:09

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