Инстаграм Роберт Дауни мл. (Robert Downey Jr.)

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Can we go back to pre-Woke RDJ??? ????
01/14/2023 05:00
Merry Xmas.. thinking of starting a coffee company next year … in fact, it’s a resolution..
12/25/2022 04:20
Shout out to @allwithinmyhandsfoundation & @metallica for one hell of a night .. #helpinghands2022
12/17/2022 04:01
At once comedic and cathartic, “Sr.” is Robert Downey Jr.’s exploration of the life and loves of Hollywood filmmaker, Robert Downey. Official selection of the American Film Institute, “Sr.” is a film by Chris Smith. Only on Netflix, December 2.
11/14/2022 05:00
Fall Ball theme song!!????: Check out the #RUNAWAY music video by @indioinkband out NOW - link in bio
09/30/2022 05:05
Happiest of 29th bdays to Indio Falconer Downey. His growth as an artist and man have been astonishing. Over the last several years, many storms have been weathered, and he’s emerged as one of my favorite recording artists, no joke. Anyone who knows him will tell you he’s one of the kindest, strongest, most talented, and least materialistic humans they know. I dropped by a recording session a few weeks back and witnessed his musicianship up close and was literally gob smacked. Keep an eye out for his band, @indioinkband
09/07/2022 04:50
Optogenetics!Biomechatronics!Osseointegration!Magnetomicrometry!Tony Stark went to MIT , and thanks to Hugh Herr and the K. Lisa Yang Center For Bionics, I'm witnessing the REAL WORLD TECHNOLOGY MIRACLES that will affect countless lives in previously unimaginable ways.It’s an honor and a privilege to be an Executive Advisory Board member, and I’m excited to make y’all part of this heroic journey to a brighter future.
07/28/2022 04:28
We're always creating strong bonds with our animals, old and new. Tell us about yours, and watch #TheBond now on @discoveryplus
07/14/2022 04:30

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