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11/20/2022 02:57
Weekend ready ???? ✨
11/12/2022 01:49
We had our last table read yesterday. It kicked off a series of lasts we’re about to share over the next few weeks. Many, many feelings. Gratitude most of all. Can’t wait to share this last hoorah with all of you. Also sometimes lasts are a good excuse to revisit firsts. Swipe through for a throwback to our first table read when we were fetuses - 9/20/2016
10/13/2022 12:09
So excited to finally be able to share this news. Come see us at @bam_brooklyn starting in February!
10/06/2022 06:14
This loser table had a grand time and a grand view of Ted Lasso’s big win ????. A genuine treat to spend the eve with this crew. Congrats to all the winners and nominees!
09/14/2022 07:44
???? Dead For A Dollar ???? coming to theaters 9/30
08/24/2022 08:02
Got to spend a glorious few months in the desert learning new tricks, chasing rainbows and making #DeadForADollar with some artists I feel so lucky to have gotten to share space (and dirt and sweat) with. And now we get to premiere at the Venice Film Festival. I can’t wait to share it with you. Thank you #Venezia79!
07/27/2022 02:27
07/23/2022 06:13

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