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We must combine the toughness of a serpent with the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart ❤️ #martinlutherking
07/02/2020 08:26
Lazy quarantines... #rollinginthedeep
06/30/2020 05:41
???????????? ????- @colstonjulian
06/29/2020 12:45
Let’s come together to save our restaurants. We owe it to them for all the good times they’ve given us. I am contributing to the #PepsiSaveOurRestaurants program. You too can????@pepsiindia @swiggyindia @nrai_india
06/26/2020 07:30
“Instead of belittling,uplift.Instead of Demolishing,rebuild.Instead of misleading,light the way so that ALL of us stand on higher ground” - Oprah #loveCanChangeTheWorld #spreadpositivity #quarantinediaries #home
06/25/2020 04:12
Throwback to the time when @alluarjunonline aka Duvvada Jaggannadham was showing me how to become Miss DJ ???? The Vibuthi Pro...???? ‪Ty @harish2you for being the orchestrator of laughter...What a fun set it was and I think somewhere the fun we had on set reached the audience.. can’t wait to shoot with this super special team again @thisisdsp @kamera002 #DilRaaju Garu ❤️ #3YearsForDJ #DJ
06/23/2020 07:41
Long back when @rishabhhegde and I were kids, dad told us that Father’s Day etc is just a “marketing gimmick” and that EVERY day should be Father’s Day... till today, we’ve never let him forget he said that... ???? so, this is how we celebrated Father’s Day in the Hegde Household...Happy Regular day dad...We love you ☺️???? #fathersday #thefoodwasgoodtho
06/21/2020 08:24
Find what makes you happy...mental satisfaction is all that matters... cooking for my family during this quarantine brings me joy...food makes me happy, and I will always share with you’ll what brings a smile to my face, hoping it brings one to yours too. #spreadlove #foodie #ChefPoojaHegde #grateful
06/19/2020 02:27
The aroma of freshly baked Carrot cake.. ???????? #ChefPoojaHegde #quarantinelife #healthycakes #wakeybakey
06/13/2020 09:56
It's time to take your utility payments online the right way. All you need to ensure is that you use any Bharat BillPay enabled digital channels to pay your recurring Gas bills from the comfort of home. #BharatBillPay #BeAssured @bharatbillpay_
06/11/2020 01:05
The Yin to my Yang.. @rishabhhegde ❤️#clearlyNotFeelinIt #ChokeslamVictim #HegdeDuo #Anna
06/10/2020 01:31
Next up.. take the other foot off the ground and fly off into the sunset.. ✈️ ???? #yogadreams #virabhadrasana3 @jogmihir
06/08/2020 06:46
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