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Aside from the kindness I am being shown by my closest gang - here are some of the things I have been given or sent to cheer me up . Kindness and thoughtfulness are what keep you going in a hard time . I am so unbelievably touched and grateful to be thought of. Thank you so much x
08/25/2023 06:02
by @danieljonking
08/14/2023 04:26
@bonnaroo by @thesadpunk_
06/20/2023 05:10
06/11/2023 09:50
my face and my new fav sweater
04/02/2023 09:49
great weekend. hope your new moon in leo was grandedit: please note that there are filters on my face, i don’t actually look like this when i’m camping. it’s more relative to that of a caveman.
07/31/2022 09:59
07/25/2022 04:02
#russiaisaterroriststate . Pleas, help us. Pray for us ????????????
07/10/2022 09:58

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