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This is the part of the team that made seven seasons of #QueenSugar happen! For over seven years they showed up every single day with their best selves to create what I think is one of the best shows of my life—and it was an honor to produce it and have it air on my network. At our finale brunch, @nckash summed it up perfectly, “I’ve learned that as an adult we get to choose our family and for years to come I will choose everyone of you.” My Queen Sugar family forever! So to @ava, the actors, writers, creators, producers, crew, and fans: Take your bow. We did that. The Bordelon legacy lives on. @queensugarown airs tonight for the last time at 8|7c only on @owntv!
11/29/2022 02:19
In my 20s, I heard a story that still abides with me to this day. Otis Moss Sr., a poor sharecropper, worked all his life to care for his family, suffering indignities and humiliations that generations before him had long endured. For the first time, in his 50s, he went to cast his vote. On Election Day, he got up before dawn, got dressed in his best suit, and went to his polling location—and was turned away in three locations. After walking all day, covering more than 18 miles, he returned home, exhausted and depleted, never experiencing the joy of voting. He died before the next election. Every time I cast a ballot, I choose not only for myself but also for Otis Moss Sr. and for the countless others who wanted to, but couldn't. Today I got an email assuring me that my mail-in ballot has been counted. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it. This is why I vote, what’s your reason?
11/08/2022 10:50
It’s time for @Oprah’s Favorite Things! Like every year, we made sure to find items for everybody on your list—even yourself. But whatever gift you choose, let the message behind it be: “I appreciate you. I see you. You matter to me.” Tap the link in our bio for the complete list! Wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season ????????
11/01/2022 12:32
Harvest day makes my heart sing ???????????? What are y’all up to this Sunday?
10/09/2022 01:41
Christmas has come early and I come bearing gifts ????!! I am thrilled to share the trailer for my new film, FALLING FOR CHRISTMAS, only on Netflix November 10th. (Does the song sound familiar ????) #FallingForChristmas #Netflix
10/07/2022 01:04
Getting ready for a backyard barbecue. My cousin Burnice raking the yard. I’m sorta mopping the patio #classic
07/01/2022 02:39
The next @oprahsbookclub pick is “Nightcrawling” by @leilamottley, which Leila wrote when was only 17! The debut novel is about a 17-year-old who carries the world on her shoulders. Her father died after being released from prison, her mother recently attempted suicide and is in a halfway house, her brother wants to become a rap star but isn’t bringing in any money, and they’re about to be evicted from their apartment in Oakland. I cannot wait to discuss and explore this book with you. Watch my full announcement over at @oprahsbookclub and get yourself a copy whenever you buy or download your books from! #ReadWithUs
06/07/2022 12:34
I visited the set of #TheColorPurple and we cried, we sang, and we even did the Electric Slide. I can tell you for sure this ain’t your mama’s Color Purple—but I bet you, your mama, and the whole family is gonna love this new reimagined and evolved version. Tap the link in my bio to read all about my experience down in Georgia over at @oprahdaily! ????
05/21/2022 06:07

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