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Immune Support with elderberry, zinc, that is just sweetened with monkfruit and includes pre / postbiotics AND it’s safe for the whole family? Yes please! It won’t take long for you to make this your go-to for immune support this winter! I’ve started adding this @needed Immune Support to my morning routine by mixing it into my smoothie and I am not looking back. Clean, third party tested, with ingredients I know and trust that actually work. Checks every box on my list :)! Use code NIKKI for 20% off if you want to try too!????
09/21/2023 06:32
Let’s talk about sweat bab-y?! Why does sweating feel so good? For most of my adult life I wasn’t able to properly sweat. I never really thought anything of it, until I started experiencing some health challenges that led me to doctors who began to question this. Been so excited to jump into this @ClearlightSaunas for months, and I finally feel “in my body” enough to start slowly integrating some wellness back into my routine. Now all I need is time to do it????Alone time is rare these days, but I will take what I can get :) I have such an appreciation for the body and how intelligent and intuitive it is. Encouraging my body to learn and re-learn how to regulate through dry brushing, binders and lymphatic drainage has been a journey- but bodies are smart - and if we pause + listen, they are usually trying to tell us something! More on this soon :) ????????#clearlight #clearlightsaunas #clearlightwellness #Clearlightinfraredsaunas #infraredsauna #sanctuaryod5
08/28/2023 02:10
Maui we love you. We are praying for you. It is unfathomable what is happening there. I have family there. Loved ones there. They are scrambling to do their best to help with boots on the ground. I’ll be sharing ways to help as they share with me what they need. Everyone is in a state of shock. This is an absolute nightmare, the devastation is beyond belief. Thank you in advance for helping in any way you can, even if it’s simply reposting stories, links and/or articles. (Due to copyright laws I cannot post photos that others have taken of the actual fires, I can only share an image of mine from my time there a few years ago. Please google photos to understand the magnitude of what is happening there. It is unimaginable…)
08/10/2023 02:37
The process of watching an idea come to life. From a vision to a sketch to a digital model to a piece fully realized that I am physically holding in my hand, I just love the entire design process. Sure there are aspects of running a business that can be less exciting than the creative, but I find joy in all of it. Remember this - everything starts with an idea. Your vision, no matter how small can become something if you believe in it, but you have to be your biggest cheerleader. So really lean into what you love and give it your all… @bayouwithlove
07/22/2023 02:36
Always close by. I know you’re with me. Especially these last few months. I love you.
07/09/2023 04:56
Are You Ready to Celebrate?!………… ????????????#madonnacelebrationtour
06/15/2023 01:49
Designing for everyday. I must admit, I do love the occasional pop of color, bright pastel or fun pattern, but what I really love is colors that go with every look and every season. Our neutral palette is perfect for any outfit, whether it’s your favorite worn in jeans and blazer, or sweet summer dress. You’ll never look back and feel you bought something that worked only for a singular moment or trend, because you’ll have them for a lifetime. Available now at lociwear.com/reed and @bloomingdales !????????????@loci_wear Photo by @samidrasin
05/03/2023 04:46
Lately????1) Grateful for rare moments of rest and organic / ethically sourced wool body pillows @holylamborganics 2) Rain is gone but boots are still on!3) “Promise yourself…” Nuggets of wisdom. Worth keeping on the bathroom mirror.4) Everything is coming to life! Blooming and buzzing is all around us!5) Sweetness by my forever favorite mamas @thesimplefolkco .6) Happy pastures for the cow kids.7) Non- toxic bedding. My obsession. @livebirch I don’t know how I ever slept without you.8) The most precious @plumandsparrow 9) Launched @loci_wear at @bloomingdales this week!10) My bestie and her hubby wrote a children’s book that is just so beautiful, and truly, she is just so beautiful. @nicolettekloe you are an endless well of talent and love. So very excited for you and Les!
04/15/2023 03:19

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