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Это не модная обложка, а в интервью речь не о красоте и диетах. И поэтому я благодарна @jvarshavskaya и команде @forbes.woman.russia за возможность поговорить о трансформации моих последних 20 лет: модель - яжмать - благотворитель - общдеятель - фаундер - ангельский инвестор в 20 с хвостиком технологических стартапов #forbes #октябрь @elbi @locals_org @wearemasuku @flotracker @picsart @voircam @wannakicks @arivalbank @loona_app @simplefastingapp @3dlooklife @fridgenomore @egreeapp @zenia_yoga @reface @bolt.beauty @seventyonegin
10/13/2021 10:36
Съёмки нового большого проекта. Люблю свою команду @vlasovanatalia @eugenia_lenz ???? И, кажется, осень крадется за мной по пятам. Скоро! ????
10/11/2021 05:02
This is what the end of a fashion month looks like ???????????????? thank you @fendi for this moment and my #FendiPeekaboo bag ???? by one and only @germanlarkin
10/10/2021 04:47
Happy weekend, guys ????????❤
10/09/2021 06:29
My dear friends, sorry for a long non instagrammable read below, but I promise those of you who follow my journey closely would find this interesting(the rest of the story in slides as well as some pictures from back in 2019 when our journey begin) ???????????? It's time that I share something very precious to me and a journey i qm very proud of @wearemasuku - company that was born as a result of a trip to Japan with my business partner @afinsky and my children back in 2017. While in Tokyo, we were fascinated with people wearing masks everywhere and noticed how young people integrated masks into their outfits, making them part of their identity. We also learned that air is number three killer in the world. This led us to question why in the rest of the world we filter sun, water and what we eat, but we don't filter air. It became clear to us that if people saw masks as a cool accessory like sunglasses certain health problems could be avoided. We liked the challenge of making masks cool, however when we looked further into masks production, we were shocked by the fact that most masks are produced in very unsustainable way, harmful for the planet. We set to look for alternatives and solutions and finally, almost by chance (as it often happens) were introduced to @wearepentatonic . We shared our vision and what we were looking to create - a sustainable mask that would have sufficient level of filtration to protect people from harmful air, didn't pollute the planet and looked great...more in slides!!!!!!! @wearemasuku now available on @amazonuk @aizel and masuku.com
10/08/2021 07:31
This collection is so touching @nicolasghesquiere ???? I am still working out in my heart why I am so emotional about it, but judging by standing ovation that you got, I am not the only one who was, again, blown away by your talent ???? Congratulations to everyone at @louisvuitton who worked on this incredible show ????????????
10/08/2021 01:16
Fashion marathon is over and there were a lot to remember but this has warmed my heart the most ????❤ As a result of Let’s Talk seminar in 2018, @specialolympics collaborated with @parsonsschoolofdesign on an inclusive design class where @specialolympicsny athletes worked with Parsons students to design and develop adaptable sports uniforms. They modelled their new look during #NYFW with a photoshoot led by @nigelbarker. The results were stunning – take a look! ???????????? #ChooseToInclude
10/07/2021 07:41
Katen'ka @mukhins what a lovely night of celebration! Congratulations @elle_russia on 25 years of celebrating women and promoting Russia around the world ????❤
10/05/2021 11:18
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