Инстаграм Наталья Водянова (Natalia Vodianova)

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Не хватает вас Наиашенька ????
04/02/2022 12:48
Your voice was so gentle and uplifting, my dear @patrickdemarchelier and your art never vulgar. There are so many beautiful fashion moments we lived together but i wanted to share this very personal moment when you learned on a shoot that my mom and one of my sisters are in town and said "Bring them in!". This is so you - endlessly generous! You will always be remembered with little sparkle in your eye and faint smile on your lips. Love you! RIP my thoughts go out to your family and friends. Thank you @davidbonnouvrier for the memory lane
04/01/2022 02:44
As a mother my heart goes out to all mothers who are suffering the consequences of recent events in Ukraine and everyone effected by this conflict. Women will be the ones carrying most burden of this conflict and I want them to know that they are not alone. I can't help alone but together as a community, we can do a lot. I will be listing organisations that you can donate to to help and which I will be donating to. ----- Как мать в случае любых потрясений я могу думать только о детях. В эти дни мое сердце и мысли с матерями и женщинами, которых уже коснулось и ещё может коснуться происходящее в Украине, я думаю только о них и их детях. В одиночку я, конечно, не смогу помочь всем, но вместе мы можем сделать очень и очень многое. Я внимательно изучаю и скоро начну делиться данными благотворительных организаций, которые помогают пострадавшим, буду жертвовать сама и призываю вас тоже жертвовать и делиться информацией.
02/25/2022 03:45
I’ve been bursting with anticipation to finally reveal the collaboration of two companies that are near and dear to my heart! ???? My families both at Guerlain @guerlain and Loóna @loona_app have launched a partnership dedicated to two of my great passions: beauty and well-being. ???? We all know how much self-care is essential and Guerlain features a holistic approach to beauty as their signature. Loóna, with their dedication to relaxation and mindfulness–brings the stunning story of Maison Guerlain to life in an experience to help users unwind and relax. It’s a total win-win! ???? I’m proud to introduce the exclusive new episode, “The House of Beauty'' is available now on the Loóna app. ✨
02/20/2022 04:50
Last night we celebrated the power of red with @guerlain fam and our new global ambassador @violette_fr ????❤???????? orchestrated by my love @iamconstantin and captured by one ans only @germanlarkin thank you to all our truly fabulous guests for joining in the fun ????????❤
02/17/2022 05:19
All loved up every day of the year with this gang ???????????? мы желаем счастья вам, счастья в этом мире большом. Как солнце по утрам, пусть оно заходит в дом...????????????????????
02/14/2022 06:35
Weekendddddump ????????????????????????
02/14/2022 12:23
I treated myself to this beautiful bamboo and silver #buccellati cutlery set called "Tahiti" and I think it was worth it. Who loves table art too? ???????? @buccellatimilan Кто любит украшать стол и дом больше чем себя, дорогие? ????????????
02/08/2022 09:30