Инстаграм Мисси Эллиотт (Missy Elliott)

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????Stop playing! ???????? yall know me! Keep it a bean My mind already going ???? I can see it???????? Crazy beats under this & a FYE SCRIPT & a location to film???? I smell a crazy musical high key????????????????????????????????Singers & crazy CHOREO! SICKENING Costumes!!! Sprinkle some hood sauce on it???????????????????????? okaaaay!
05/24/2023 10:49
!it esrever dna ti pilf nwod gnaht ym tup i ???????????????????? VA #757
05/15/2023 03:26
I want to say this is HUGE not for just me but all my Sisters in HIPHOP this door is now OPEN to showcase the hard work that many of us WOMEN contribute to MUSIC. I have cried all day because I am GRATEFUL thank you @rockhall & all on the committee & Supafriends I love you????I am from Portsmouth Virginia aka P-Town.. #757 to 804 I send my love????You day dream of these moments but today it’s Real???????????????? VA 2 up 2 down 7 Cities???????????? I want to say I love you! & CONGRATULATIONS to all the other LEGENDARY artist who will now be inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame???? They have committed DECADES of hard work and IMPACT in music Thank you 4 Sharing your gifts with the World????????????????????????????#Rock&Roll2023 & Dear Lord you have carried me the entire way! I give all thanks to you????
05/04/2023 01:00
They say a Barbie movie coming out well Let me bring this back 1 time! BeepMe911 ???????????? This 26 YEARS AGO with 702! Back then some folks clowned me @timbaland & Magoo for doing a Barbie style video with our arms painted like joints and tim and magoo Ken hair styles???????????? I remember crying but I realized I was just years ahead of the game☺️???????????????????? #757 VA
04/05/2023 11:33
Wow 2005 was on Fire!???????????? 18 Years ago???? Look at Every artist in this category was SNAPPING! All those songs were SCORCHERS????! So me & my sis @ciara winning was a Blessing because that was a tough category & all the artist up there was on fye???? & Top Tier! Sheesh????That 1 2 Step was tearing up da clubs to tho????????????????????????????????
03/24/2023 11:09
Beautiful Sis ! ????
03/14/2023 05:28
I love you so much Miss! Thanks for being you! Always so incredibly proud of you!
02/04/2023 01:34
???????????? #VA
12/28/2022 08:40

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