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On October 7th, 11 year old Tal was stolen from his family when Hamas terrorists invaded Israel. Tal is one of 229 hostages being held captive in Gaza in unknown conditions for over three weeks. He should be home with his family. Release Tal now!#ReleaseTheHostagesNowTo see photos of all of the hostages and to share a poster yourself, please visit @kidnappedfromisrael
10/30/2023 03:33
In December of 2008, deep in the snowy quiet of Medford, Massachusetts, I started a record called “Amanda Leigh” with my buddy @themikeviola (we wrote the whole thing together) at his dear friend Ducky Carlisle’s home studio. We hunkered down for most of December and the first chunk of January tracking the album. Mike and Ducky handled every instrument (Duck was a pretty monster drummer and Mike played everything else of course). We stayed in the house while we were recording, a glorified summer camp experience of sorts, scrambling down for Mike’s egg sandwiches and coffee in our pjs (and never changing out of them because we were just in the basement making music). Making that record changed me. It was already such a big step- a kind of weird musical swing for me but the process of recording it with Mike and Ducky instilled this confidence in me that I’ve somehow carried with me ever since. I look back on that time with so much fondness and affection. Ducky was really one of one. Hearing stories about his life, his deep, deep love of music and the way it was made… his insane sense of humor. Man. He was a hard one to pin down and we kept in touch over the years via email and he even came to our show in Boston last summer. It was so lovely to catch up and introduce him to Taylor and shout him out from the stage. When I found out he had passed, I found our record and listened with my headphones on and a BIG smile on my face (long story, it’s not online but you can find it on YouTube. It’s really cool- go listen!!) We will miss, Ducky. Always in our hearts. Xoxoxo
10/04/2023 04:41
Getting to know and work with Ron on the wild ride of “This Is Us” was the greatest gift- he was pure magic as a human and an artist…I will treasure all of the moments forever. Even though he wasn’t around set as much as we all wished, he was such an intrinsic part of the fabric of the show, it’s like he was always there. I’ll never forget how special it was to film this particular episode and welcome him back to say a proper goodbye to our TIU family and the whole experience. I am just so sad. My thoughts and love are with Jasmine and his family and friends. Love you, @cephasjaz.
08/20/2023 12:34
Happy Birthday to my favorite everything- husband, friend, dad, writer, singer, thinker, adventure companion, cooler head, coffee aficionado, sweets sneak, criterion critic, cautious optimist, lovable goof…I can’t believe we’ve spent 9 birthdays together. We’ve climbed mountains (literally), made babies, made records, built homes, lost loved ones, lived through a pandemic and so much more…I’m not sure what kind of noble act I performed in a past life that has allowed me to share this one with you but wow, I am oh so grateful. Thank you for saying yes to all of it then and today- the chaos and the calm. I think we make a great team (mostly thanks to you) and I can’t wait to see where this next year propels you. Love you more than anything, T. Happy Birthday!! ???????????????? Ps: the last pic was our first bday of yours together- in Seattle for the big 30!!
08/16/2023 06:41
Don’t wear a dress to a kid’s birthday party ????‍♀️.Happy Bday, Bear!!! This was too much fun!!
07/29/2023 09:46
Being trolled by my 9 month old
07/23/2023 05:30
Another season with @gymboree means another special video capturing the most precious moments with me and my boys.I can’t wrap my head around how fast Gus is growing up... can you believe he’ll be off to his first day of Pre-school this year? He was so excited to find his school outfit and fun backpack... watch to see how confident he looks in his Gymboree look! Head to the link in my bio to shop for all of your fall family activities – apple and pumpkin picking, first day of school and so much more... plus, the collection includes matching sets for Mamas who love a good matching moment for their family like me! Our story just keeps getting better... stay tuned for even more from me with @gymboree (exciting things ahead!!). #ad #gymboree #lovegymboree #fall #firstdayofschool
06/29/2023 03:08
Los Angeles! Come hang @thehotelcafe on May 31st with me and @taylordawesgoldsmith for an evening of music and chatting with our pal @samjonespictures. Tickets are limited and go on sale TOMORROW am. Link in bio and hope to see you there!! Xo
05/11/2023 01:43

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