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???? Glam by: @alyssamarie.beauty Hair by: @hairby.makel Fit by: @princieapparel
04/14/2021 07:51
???? Glam by: @alyssamarie.beauty Hair by: @hairby.makel Fit by: @princieapparel
04/12/2021 08:59
Justin Bieber once said, Some people bring you a million blessings Some people teach you a million lessons Some people come in your life for a reason Others they come in your life for a season he’s right. God removes people from your life when you didn’t even know it was coming, because he heard things you didn’t. God loves you????
04/11/2021 09:59
????rawr Glam by: @alyssamarie.beauty Hair by: @hairby.makel Fit by: @princieapparel
04/10/2021 06:14
hi Glam by: @alyssamarie.beauty Hair by: @hairby.makel
04/08/2021 08:02
why not ¿ Glam by: @alyssamarie.beauty Hair by: @hairby.makel
04/07/2021 08:49
i know eating can be hard for some people... I also know this can be a very sensitive topic. But I care about all of you so very much, and I believe in you. so stop whatever you are doing right now and enjoy some food with me. You got this! - I’m getting chic-fil-a rn
04/06/2021 07:30
???? Photographer: @isabellesloane Make Up: @alyssamarie.beauty Stylist: @dominiquemartino
04/05/2021 09:14
Gods love for you is the best type of love
04/01/2021 10:31
i’m grateful that God blessed me with another day to live today. i’m so grateful that God blessed me with a beautiful sky, trees, grass, flowers, the ocean. Being grateful for the little things is always the best way to live, - cause you never know where life’s gonna take you. For let him see through your eyes as he guides you. Believe in him as you believe in yourself. you don’t know where a person started in life so don’t treat them like you do. remember your worth and how bright you can shine.
03/21/2021 08:08
yesterday it was warm out and it made me happy
03/19/2021 05:32
03/13/2021 07:13
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