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don’t look at the caption, look at me
06/08/2021 10:52
probably laughing at my own joke tbh
06/02/2021 08:39
Summer is coming. (This is a game of thrones reference even though I’ve never seen it, anyways) SUNSCREEN! IS! IMPORTANT! my fave rn is the @bliss Block Star daily mineral spf. #ThisisBliss #BlissPartner
05/21/2021 10:13
and I hope it opens your eyes and mind to some new topics to discuss at the dinner table ????@MeatMeHalfwayMovie on demand, July 20th.
05/18/2021 09:34
today’s good mood thanks to @ipsy. swipe for my look. #ipsypartner @fentybeauty Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner in Moon Dunez @tartecosmetics Maracuja Juicy Lip in Rose @farahbrushes Rendezvous Brush Trio @seraphinebotanicals Sakura + Sage - Vegan Eyeshadow & Blush Palette @complexculturebeauty Letup Concealer in F100 or L200 or M300
05/12/2021 09:11
mirror, mirror on the ground
05/03/2021 10:59
Happy earth day!!! Join me in the “show your love for nature” campaign with @world_wildlife and post a photo that shows your love for nature. Right now I’m celebrating the beautiful cherry blossoms in Vancouver ???? Now more than ever we need to protect our beautiful planet- I’ve put a link in my bio for a petition by @world_wildlife fund to urge our politicians to STOP DEFORESTATION. We must celebrate our earth AND take action or we may risk losing it. ???? ????
04/22/2021 09:53
~art~ ty @imagine.van.gogh for having us ????
04/19/2021 08:22
orange u glad I posted this ???? sry for my dad jokes k bye
04/05/2021 08:31
feeling bliss-ful (see what I did there). so excited to announce my dad jokes and I are now a #blisspartner!! I’m such a big fan of @bliss products. they are clean, cruelty free and planet friendly & they keep my skin happy #ThisIsBliss????
03/31/2021 07:04
watch the new episode of riverdale tn with me and my leaky nose
03/24/2021 08:15
Would you believe me if I told you we got this on the first take @fabletics #madelainexfabletics
03/22/2021 08:28
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