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11/19/2023 11:06
Apple orchards in the October sunshine????????
10/17/2023 07:48
So long September summer… until next week ✨????☀️ *2nd pic is north Norfolk - not Provence ????
09/20/2023 08:04
I’m so excited to have been invited to attend the @amfar event and help raise money for this cherished cause in Venice, Italy! It’s been a healthy decade I haven’t been to Venice and it’s such a dream coming back here. Riding from the airport in a water taxi, watching the delicate, medieval city, opening up before me in such a calming and soothing way after a long and sleepless flight. The feel of the boat rocking underneath me is already getting me prepared for delights to come. We float on the water and get dropped at our hotel, which is a thousand year old monastery that was actually abandoned for over one hundred years before it got renovated into a hotel. A bit on the spooky side, but I’m totally in to see some ghosts, hands down! The light is so gorgeous everywhere that even with no sleep on the flight (I started playing Baldur’s Gate 3???? and I wasn’t about to have something as pesky as sleep stop me from jumping down that rabbit hole???? ) I just put on minimal make up, tinted sunscreen, mascara, spf lipstick, I feel red carpet ready! This light ignores signs of jet lag and literally gives you a wink and secretly hands you 5 years back without even asking for a thank you. We’re only here for a few days, @everanderson is here working with the wonderful team @miumiu, doing her thing and we brought our little Dash with us so we could make her feel grown up and special. It’s hard to give all three of my girls proper mama time when our 3 year old , Osian, is around. She’s just a mighty force of nature that demands absolute and undivided attention and the more you give, you know it’s only enough when your essence has completely disappeared into her own. She’s a smart kid????. Goes without saying that we’re having a blast! I’ll go through more photos and do a nice dump when I get home! Thank you @amfar again for believing in me and having me here to support you for so many amazing years and thank you @miumiu for always taking care of my incredible young woman, my heart, Ever. ❤️????????✨✨✨
09/03/2023 12:27
I don’t mind the rain/ the rustle of a waterproof on the way to work ????????The birds don’t seem to care (sound on for second slide) & this year, flowers, gardens & summer fruit season have way lasted longer than usual ✌????????????????
08/24/2023 09:11
????????????????Remember how parched/burnt out & frazzled everything was by this time last year?!
08/12/2023 06:43
Weekends in the office: so quiet! ????Missing the ☀️ but ngl - loving the AC right now
06/25/2023 01:25
A snippet from a summer afternoon????Not pictured - the copious hair products to beat the humid hair frizz ????☀️????
06/20/2023 04:40
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