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Sat down with @jayshetty last year. This conversation reminded me how important it is to find your purpose, set your goals, and never give in to fear. We’re all stronger than we think ???????? I hope you’re able to take something positive from it. Thank you for having me Jay, and thank you for the light you bring into this world. ????What are you going after this year?
01/23/2023 05:12
Another one around the sun ✌????
01/07/2023 03:18
Hope everyones holidays have been happy. Sending you and your loved ones love, light, and Uncle Terry’s “moves” ????????
12/27/2022 05:23
Earlier this year @nicolashamilton and I asked my team if we could make this day happen and here we are. Time in the sim is incredibly rare, and not something that is accessible for someone like my brother. It took custom modifications to the seat, steering wheel and pedals to make this possible. He spent the whole day in it, and is the first disabled person to ever do so. He’s always been a fighter and seeing him have this day is an honour. The smile you see here never left his face. Can’t wait to share more of this special day, thank you @mercedesamgf1 for the time and work put in to make this possible and make my brother’s dream come true.
12/12/2022 07:52
More from before ~
11/29/2022 04:46
We’ve come a long way as drivers and continue to grow as men. Despite whatever may happen on the track we grow and become better each day. Us all coming together to celebrate life and Seb’s amazing career in F1 is truly a night I’ll never forget.
11/17/2022 09:19
Starting P3 today. Yesterday was a mixed bag, so looking forward to the fight today. Big up to everyone at the track this weekend, the energy is insane. Going to throw everything I have at this race ???????????? Send good vibes ~
10/23/2022 03:51
One last vacation post before getting back to it. Life changing is an understatement. I’m bringing the ancestors with me to Spa ✨~
08/23/2022 05:17

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