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swipe right if you love to watch the sunset ????❤️
02/18/2021 02:54
23 today!!!!????????????????
02/09/2021 08:00
best of the best
02/07/2021 11:28
manifesting my dreams and minding my business ????????✨????
02/07/2021 08:11
02/07/2021 03:12
I knew my next tattoo I wanted was in honor of my grandparents. I pieced together what little I had left of my grandmother’s writing and decided to get this tattoo. If you ever had the chance of meeting my grandpa he always said “how sweet it is”. In the second video there’s an audio clip from one of his voicemails saying “how sweet it is”. Just a simple reminder of how blessed we are to be living life. Throughout it all I always went back to the voicemails he left me whenever I needed to hear his voice. My grandparents didn’t have much but I never truly grasped how much they struggled until much later after their passing and really when I began to start my life as an adult. They were my parents they taught me how to cook, ride a bike, and instilled me with so much wisdom. I was always wrapped in so much love by them. When I was born four months premature weighing only one pound and eleven ounces my grandma sacrificed everything to nurse me to health and make sure I had a good life. She even went to the board of education so I can start school and wouldn’t have to wait a year later because she knew I was capable of being anything I wanted to be. I had a lot of hobbies growing up. From violin, cheerleading, dance, horseback riding, volleyball she was always there taking me to every practice or game even if I quit she was my biggest supporter. I’m so grateful to have two wonderful, loving angels guiding me through life. I’m so grateful for @jonboytattoo creating this piece of art for me. It means so much to me I can’t even put it into words really. Whenever I’m having a bad day I can look down at my arm and be reminded of their love, their strength, their union, and just how sweet life is. ????????????????????????????
02/06/2021 11:05
Throwing it back to my very first New York fashion week show @publicschoolnyc I can’t believe the journey I’ve been on but I’m so grateful to my @imgmodels family and all of the amazing supporters I’ve had along the way. I was such a baby navigating this crazy city but I would relive it all again if I could because it has taught me so much. Instead of focusing on what I want or the things I haven’t accomplished yet I chose to give appreciation to the beautiful life I live with all the places it’s taken me and connections I’ve made along the way. I was freshly 17 in this video and with my 23rd birthday quickly approaching I have space to appreciate just how much I’ve grown up. No one gives you a guideline I’ve really had to raise myself in many ways learn to be a professional in a fast paced and mature enviroment. It’s bittersweet to see just how beautifully it’s all come together. My reminder to all of you is there is always room and space for growth. There’s no limit to how far you can go as long as you believe in yourself. The best advice I’ve ever received is if you think you’re the smartest person in the room you need to change rooms because we can always be taught something. I hope you all have a beautiful day. Thank you being by my side through it all ????
02/04/2021 10:49
finding new ways to fall in love with the city ????
02/04/2021 12:53
never thought I’d be saying this but I miss waking up jet lagged in random hotel rooms briefly forgetting what country I’m in or what shoot I’m working on ????
02/02/2021 06:49
El mejor regalo la tranquilidad ☀️ Practicing and learning Spanish is one of my New Years resolutions. What are yours? ????
01/31/2021 10:58
indoor dining feels like a distant memory
01/31/2021 05:11
start each day with a grateful heart ❤️
01/28/2021 05:48
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