Инстаграм Лэйс Рибейро (Lais Ribeiro)

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Unexpectedly sour ????
09/15/2022 03:20
Thank you @nannacay for providing this special bag to in one of the happiest moments of my life. I loved every detail of it. I'm proud to be part of the Sisterhood. Nannacay – from the Aymara word for "sisterhood"– provides economic opportunities for families of artisans in South America by implementing training and workshops on skills development and finance management. More than 1000 human lives are impacted posivitely within the network. All the bags help support the preservation of traditional handwoven crafts in these communities???????? obrigada ????????
08/19/2022 09:55
Chasing water falls for our honeymoon ???????? Thank you @rianchapadatur for showing us our new favorite city ???????????? #chapadadiamantina #blessed
08/10/2022 02:19
The last couple of weeks were surreal. My soul still flying high from all the love we received! I took Joakim’s family to meet my family in Miguel Alves and we had the most magical wedding surrounded by our family and close friends! It meant so much to me getting married in the presence of my grandparents and have their blessing. They always represented so much to me and my family and I can not put into words how beautiful and emotional it was for everyone. To see the bonding between all the people we love melted my heart and I will be forever thankful for this moment. Sis @letiicia_0oliveira was there in spirit! We felt it every minute! To many more beautiful memories together! My heart is full! #pereiranoahfamily te amo baby @stickity13 ???? by the one and only @jeromeduran
07/21/2022 03:33
06/24/2022 11:50
Cannes Film Festival 2022 ????????
05/27/2022 08:12
???? by @fredericpinet ????????
05/18/2022 06:58
14 years old today! ???? I just can’t believe how much you have grown! Im so proud of so many things that it wouldn’t fit on this caption! Thank you for the life lessons, thank you for being so honest, thank you for choosing me to be your mom! I’m so happy to share life with you! Te amo! Feliz aniversário ????????????????#alexandre #forevermybaby
05/16/2022 08:02

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