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I LOVE #stevenconrad so much. @patriotamazon is incredible- ive watched the whole series 3 times. So i jumped at the chance to work for this mad genius- and now may i present to you: @ultracitysmiths !! @amcplus
07/21/2021 12:59
“I wonder how many calories are in a glass of blood. I’m gonna Google it.”- @daxshepard (460 in a pint)
07/16/2021 03:12
Samantha Power started her career as a journalist covering war torn areas of the world. Her commitment to human rights and dignity for all has always been her North Star. She is a teacher, and author, and a diplomat. Her book, Education of an Idealist is a fabulous read. She also invented the word “upstander”(the opposite of bystander❤️) For these, and many other reasons, it was an absolute honor to interview her. @samanthajpower @mlpadman @armchairexppod
07/15/2021 04:00
I finally made the PERFECT moisturizer! Thanks to @happydance, We’re putting the moisture back in moisturizer with this one! New @happydance Look Alive CBD Face Moisturizer is finally here! Made with Avocado Oil, Four Types of Hyaluronic Acid, a blend of Bisabolol, Ginger, and of course CBD, your skin will have a new line of defense against stressed skin ????‍♀️????‍♂️ Available right now at link in bio and doahappydance.com
07/14/2021 09:18
I found it – the perfect summer kids hack @playosmo - Osmo's educational games are so fun, the kids don't even know they are learning. AND they can play Osmo completely independently, so mom doesn't have to do anything. Big win!! This summer is #poweredbyosmo
07/13/2021 09:05
Oprah photo dump #veryprofessional #keptmycool
07/13/2021 01:07
May I present QUEENPINS. A comedy about two undervalued women who scheme to make it to the top by bending the rules a bit???? @kirbyhowellbaptiste @queenpinsmovie @beberexha @paulwhausergram
07/08/2021 06:19
Knajydbdvwcskyzgsbsjdvsjsui!!!!! ???????????? We talked with @oprah and it’s available now!! @armchairexppod @mlpadman
07/07/2021 11:07

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