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it will be top 1 in gay clubs
03/17/2023 08:04
I have always liked you as an actress, I have grown up with your films, your achievements and your "other reasons for your personal life" But you really have me in love with your desire to live, your struggles, your humanity "I love seeing you smile like that after what you've been going through. An example of a person!!????
03/04/2023 01:47
Kim Petra’s won a Grammy
02/20/2023 10:44
Making history
02/07/2023 03:13
why don’t you take it out on me_?
01/13/2023 01:42
Aquanetta vibes
12/16/2022 03:55
The dolls are innovating@nicolaformichetti ????x
12/03/2022 08:09
You can always count on one gay to be there and know who you are. Thank u @amas it's been fun see u next year ????
11/21/2022 04:55
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Kim Petras
Ким Петрас