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Why is this so expensive? ????
03/08/2023 12:11
Wait are you sitting next to Ana Wintour???
03/04/2023 12:18
02/10/2023 07:41
I need someone to tell me if that was Loretta’s actual guitar since her names on it?? Can anyone confirm? Beautiful performance either way but I’d love to know ????♥️
02/07/2023 01:50
Happiest birthday to the brightest flame in my world. My deeper well. I love you, @cole_schafer. You are such a fixture in the lives of all the people who are lucky enough to really know you. So grateful for all the laughs and adventures, deep talks, ego checks, wise advice, forehead kisses, the books you recommend, your late night “oh I just whipped this up” and somehow it’s extremely gourmet pasta (like, actually Michelin star) situations, the gorgeous way you observe the world and the words that follow. And mostly your unabashed, full-throttle vulnerability which is easily the sexiest thing about you. I can’t wait to see what this year brings to you. XO ????
01/05/2023 09:37
Last night ???? A big thank you to everyone who came out to the @saks x @americanexpress x KM show in L.A. #WithAmex
12/16/2022 02:00
cute, free matches with holiday ???????????????? ???????????????? candle orders • link in bio
12/06/2022 01:34
BTS film for @wonderland• shot wandering around in Tokyo (photos: @giovannidelgado)
09/17/2022 05:20
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