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There’s some money at my table, grab a seat with me ???? ???? ????
05/08/2021 06:42
LETS GOOOOOOOO! @miaminewtimes ???? ???? ???? Swipe to learn more about the new girl on the block and our collaborators! It’s an honor to carry other locals products in our space, especially to be the first retailer to carry my cousins amazing @meltinghippie candles ???????? @silentaddy ‘s deliciousssss @kingpattys & the best damn cookies you will ever have from @indulge_mia ???? ????!! This is what it’s all about!! If you are a local and make a fire banana bread, all natural skin care products, anything that aligns with health, community & entertainment, hit my line ???? we’ve got a shelf with your name on it, especially women owned brands!!!???????? ???? ???? Programming announcements conning soon!!! @babymommafit @octavia_yearwood @lisabrit @memorablej @chelciemay @ moreeeee ???? ITS GOING TO BE A HOTGIRL SUMMER ON LINCOLN ROAD !!
05/07/2021 08:20
This is a @babymommafit appreciation post! Anyone who knows Star knows she’s a gem & if you are lucky enough to call her your friend, you are one blessed individual. This woman never ceases to amaze me (& I’m sure all of those who know her) with her dedication to her loved ones, clients & herself, her work ethic, kind heart, boundless amounts of energy!!! The list goes on. Thank you @babymommafit for being the best support system, cheerleader, trainer, mom & friend we could ever ask for! She’s having an event tonight at @moxysouthbeach !! Pull up and see what I mean for yourself in person ❤️ ????????????????????
05/06/2021 10:56
If you would’ve told me a year ago that I’d have a cafe with 4 of my own juice flavors for sale on Lincoln road today... I’d probably believe you because I really think I can do anything ???????????? BUT I would’ve had a lot of doubts considering the time line. The fact that we pulled this project off from ideation to completion in less than a year is truly amazing and speaks volumes about my team & the incredible partner we have in @showfields !! Thank you to my friends and family for being the best support system ever! I know I haven’t been around much since YesJuice became a priority. To walk in the cafe & see all of you there, it really meant the world to me. I will never forget that moment. Friday was definitely one of the best nights of my life & it will only get better from here. From getting kicked out of venues to getting welcomed by the city with a ribbon cutting? Can’t make this up. Anything is possible!!! Anythinggggg! @yesjuice.co is open for business! & MADE IN MIAMI! ???? God is the greatest!!!! Full recap link from @worldredeye in bio! Tell a friend ????
05/06/2021 09:31
It took 31 years to take this photo. I don’t think @worldredeye knows how much this picture means to me!! The man on my left is my birth father, the queen on my right is @johanna.ortega.31 my beautiful mom,beside her is her once boyfriend who married her in a court house so she could get custody of me (couldn’t adopt without being married in the 90’s here- thanks dad!)& 2 his right is @mtnbkgirl ,my birth mother’s cousin who took care of me while she was struggling with addiction.As u can imagine there’s a lot of dynamics &history here amongst this group of people but time is the greatest healer of all &God is the ????.This is the first time we have ever been in the same room together. To introduce my mom 2my father & hear him thank her for taking care of me and see them hug &embrace 1 another was more important 2me than any1 could ever imagine- not even me. I never realized I had been walking around with all this weight. I feel so much lighter than I’ve ever been!!My heart is full! I am proud of myself for launching a new brand but even more proud of myself for taking this step to bring my family together. & for my niece to be there to see @yesjuice.co , a cafe and product created by a woman in HER OWN FAMILY, for her to know that it’s something she is capable of too... that’s it right there. That’s what it’s all about. I use to turn my bedroom into a salon & have my fam knock on the door & schedule appointments to book me- and I’d make them pay too ???? I’m still that same little girl waking up with a head full of dreams & thanks to the people you see in this photo and many who are not pictured here, I’m alive, healthy & capable of making every single one of them come true. If you are considering fostering or adopting a child,PLEASE SAY YES!!Especially the teenagers.I know they’ve been through a lot and may have some things to work through but if I can be anything in this world I hope to be an example of what those “at risk” youth can turn out to b when some1 like u gives them a place 2call home ???????? YesJuice is launching a staffing initiative focusing on employing transitioning fostered youth this summer!Email info@yesjuice.co for more information! ❤️
05/05/2021 03:54
It felt soooo good to dance and sing with a crowd again! Thank you @triller for having me & @yesjuice.co at #Trillerfest this weekend!! Key biscayne is definitely my new fav location, what a beautiful day and night it was!! Let’s do another one and with an all female line up!! ???????? Drop suggestions of who you’d want to see in the comments let’s manifest this !! I vote @sza @dualipa @laurenjauregui @azealiabanks @syd @flomillishit @theestallion @iamcardib @bia @snohaalegra @jorjasmith_ I can keep going ???????? ???????????????????????????? @1amradio Ps this song is my current fav hype track atm “Gwap Up” by @imjoshyoung ???? @rhvisuals_official ????
05/05/2021 03:26
Guess @yesjuice.co wasn’t the only one making headlines this weekend ???? ???? ???? ???? I gotta get back on these @babymommafit workouts... my abs are loading just give me a sec ????????
05/04/2021 05:55
“Focus Up” - @yesjuice.co ????
05/02/2021 11:04
What were you doing on April 29, 2020? I don’t know about you guys, but I was in a pretty dark place. I’m proud of all of us for making it past what was quite a difficult year! Before we get fully lost in the matrix again, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how far we’ve come from where we were just one year ago! Wether you lost your inspiration & found it again, lost a job & started a your own business, lost a loved one & found the strength to keep the family together... You did that! You are capable of anything you put your mind to & heart behind! It’s only up from here. Keep going ???? ♥️ ????????
05/01/2021 01:20
LETS GOOOOOOO @yesjuice.co @miamiherald ????????????????????
04/30/2021 04:03
Couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate @yesjuice.co opening weekend than to watch @2chainz @liltunechi & more perform live on the water this Saturday with @triller ???? !!! & I want to make sure my #1’s are there with me! Swipe for details on @1amradio ‘s VIP giveaway! We will be announcing the winners tomorrow! Wana shoot the show? Media passes are limited but don’t worry @1amcreative has a contest just for the ones behind the lens too ???? Shout out to @1amradio the ultimate plug ???? ????
04/30/2021 03:18
I love it here @showfields ???? We’ve gotta see if we can get a @kimshuistudio ‘s pop up going ????????
04/29/2021 03:46
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