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outta this world ????
04/23/2021 07:31
Stillll here @frst.place ???? wellness Wednesday stilll goin strong ????????
04/21/2021 07:16
the vibe is contagious ????
04/20/2021 06:02
04/19/2021 03:26
throw sass around like confetti✨
04/18/2021 04:16
we didn’t plan this ????
04/15/2021 04:43
take time to appreciate the little things ????
04/13/2021 11:01
For Jackie ???? last night was so special????
04/12/2021 08:45
@minnesotalynx I heard you were looking for me ???????????????? it’s the heeels for me
04/12/2021 07:56
It’s about to be a year since @karltowns lost his queen. We loved this young picture of his mom so much and I wanted to do something to honor her. My brother @jwoodzart is one of the most talented people I know and was the only person I trusted to capture her essence. This experience never gets easier, you just get stronger???? thank you @jwoodzart for being the best brother and artist and thank you @karltowns for always being my rock. Hope you guys are having a blessed weekend!
04/10/2021 10:28
starting to feel like summer ????
04/09/2021 03:22
I’ve been working out a lot so I’ve been having my hair slicked down in a bun more. I came across the @hairfinity rice water hair mist spray and it’s been so good on my hair! I just spray it all over when I get out of the shower. My hair is so much healthier and longer. It’s my beauty hack for sure. #hairfinity #hfresults ????
04/08/2021 03:11
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