Инстаграм Джон Мэйер (John Mayer )

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A really nice start to the @deadandcompany summer tour last night at Dodgers Stadium. I think this run is going to produce some great musical moments. Hope you get to catch a show… ( photos by @jayblakesberg )
06/13/2022 12:03
I’m not usually big on “album birthdays” (I tend to keep my eyes on the road ahead and not look back) but this is a very special record that means a lot to me, and that I’ve learned means a lot to people. Here are some thoughts about Born And Raised that come to mind on the occasion of its tenth anniversary. It’s the least documented album I’ve ever made - only some Polaroids and a few iphone pics were taken. It was a very special experience that those working on it knew was special at the time, which is pretty rare. It wasn’t made with any consideration for the outside world. It was a deeply personal and tightly-knit creative process that took nothing external into account. When it first came out, nobody really took to it. It didn’t have the same chordal complexity that I was known for at the time, and instead focused more on the lyrical aspect of things. I think there’s a sincerity to the relative simplicity of the chords that let the words carry the message. To this day, these songs are still some of my favorites to play live. The friendships that were forged on this record were deep, and those bonds continue between myself and everyone tagged in this post. If I may be so bold as to offer some advice: the fact that this record has grown over the years in terms of people’s connection with it is hardcore proof that you shouldn’t always make art for the moment you’re releasing it in. Release week is one fraction of the lifespan of an album, and sometimes it’s worth making a statement that blooms over time. Everyone who worked on this album knew from the beginning it touched on some rare magic. And that was always going to be enough - but the fact that it’s found a place in people’s hearts is a wonderful bonus, and proof that we weren’t crazy in feeling like we’d made something meaningful. So thank you for growing up with and growing into this love-filled little record called Born And Raised. Maybe it’s time for another one like it…
05/24/2022 01:20
Happy Birthday, Bob. We all miss you terribly down here. Though the days without you keep growing, so too does our grasp on everything we adore and admire about you, the love we learned to share because of your example, and the endless joy you gave at all times to the world around you. I just wish so badly we were getting dinner tonight. I love you so much.
05/17/2022 08:36
There’s just no way to find the words right now, but I fear that by the time I find the right way to express how I feel, you’d think I’d forgotten about you. So here’s my ham-fisted attempt at it….When I started my career on stage, it was pointed. Aggressive. Meant to prove some people wrong, and to make others stop and notice. And that’s probably exactly what it takes. But something changed in my life, and on these stages, where these shows became moments to visit with one another. To sing along. For us all to track the passage of time in both these songs and ourselves. There was no anxiety. Nothing to lose. Nothing, really, to win. Just joy to bring. And watching you sing along, reading the incredibly clever and sweet signs as I played brought me so much joy, and reformatted my heart and soul when it comes to playing my music. It’s a celebration now. Thank you for continuing to give these songs life…. And for your appreciation of the new stuff, for not being too upset if I didn’t give you the tune you wanted, and for embracing every member of this band for the world class musicians they are. Thank you for everything you brought to these shows. I’m posting now. Love you.
05/13/2022 08:42
Pittsburgh: final week of tour, where the band is so locked in that the music plays itself…
05/07/2022 03:15
A beautiful night in Toronto, as always. ????????????????????????
05/05/2022 06:51
Happy Great Big Monumental Birthday to the legendary @barbrastreisand. The annual post of the same pic is playful but the love and respect I have for her is real! ♥️????????????????????♥️
04/24/2022 08:59
For as long as I live, whenever someone mentions the Nashville show in 2022, I’ll remember the transcendent moments on stage with @marenmorris on both Last Train Home and Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, where for the first time, the true meaning of the song came to life as the duet it was always meant to be. Maren is one of my favorite artists, writers and singers of all time, and it’s a great honor to share the musical space with her. What a night. The afterglow is strong.
04/15/2022 01:16