Инстаграм Джесси Джей (Jessie J)

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How I think I sound VS how I actually sound “RAaowll RAaoowll” ????????
09/25/2022 04:32
This song is 8 years old and my knees are not
08/31/2022 06:55
“So what’s your show like?”… ???? still availableeeeee • Come PARTY with us!!! ????????????????????????????????
07/14/2022 07:36
Took myself to church this morning Figured I would share it with anyone else who needs it. Logged in to share. Logging off again. ????????‍♀️Ugly singing with tired tearful eyes on an angle that got me looking like an ???? is a vibe ????????
06/26/2022 09:11
The way I LOVE this little boy ????????????Definitely helps that he was made by one of my favourite people in the ???? @isthathollyp ????‍♀️ Love you sis
06/12/2022 08:37
Let’s go get it ???? #iamanaturalblonde #bigtints #callmehelga #dontaskmebrow
05/23/2022 10:21
It’s a theme babes • Songs from Wicked and bad hair days ???? I studied Musical Theatre my whole life. My dream was to be on stage as someone else, not writing songs playing myself. I even studied MT at college. I randomly auditioned / got into a girl band while studying and over a decade and a girl band breaking up later here we are. BUT my first love will always be Musical Theatre. I have never auditioned for anything to get that part (some people won’t understand that logic but makes sense to me) I audition to be seen, heard, felt and to learn incredible songs. Getting the part is the icing on what already is an amazing learning experience cake. Grateful for this time and moment in my life last year. Learning these songs and practicing them with @daley as my Glinda and running them with @ericvetrofinally was so challenging and hilarious most of the time. My American accent was a little suspect ???? It was at the same time I was having my severe throat pain and in and out of appointments and this would be the only time I sang. It bought me back to life.????
05/19/2022 05:11
Not me looking like the little boy from Oliver singing Wicked I’m really not that girl ????????
05/19/2022 10:31