Инстаграм Дженнифер Гарнер (Jennifer Garner)

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What’s not to like—custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Gooooood. #HappyThanksgiving to all of you making your first or fiftieth trifle—(especially to @jenniferaniston, apologies for my line readings, you are the ultimate queen ????♥️)
11/25/2021 11:09
Even big boys have accidents sometimes. It’s okay, Moose—you’re still the most handsome. ????
11/23/2021 09:04
If anyone needs me, I’ll just be over here soaking up the last bits of fall. ????♥️???? . (????: @kjp)
11/21/2021 07:08
Finding what lives in between the inhale and exhale with @chelsealovesyoga. ????
11/20/2021 07:59
#TutuTuesday (???? via @sadeckwaff)
11/17/2021 07:55
Moms consider diapers, wipes, hygiene products, warm clothes, car seats— “necessities”— but what happens when families can’t afford these basics, when parents are choosing between diapering and feeding their child? . For ten years @baby2baby has worked tirelessly to better the lives of families in our Los Angeles community, lightening the load for struggling parents who want desperately to give their children as comfortable and safe a childhood as possible. When basic needs are met, parents have more resources for food and shelter, yes, but just as important—they have more bandwidth to read to, play with, sing to their babies—to enjoy them. For children’s growing brains, connection is where the magic happens. @norahweinstein and @kellysawyer (and their 75 incredible Angels—hey, @vanessabryant) have thought beyond LA— they have successfully advocated to change policy: diapers are no longer taxed in California (so major, @gavinnewsom)! #Baby2Baby has become a go to organization for relief across the country, sending trucks of necessities to families impacted by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Above all—to me, anyway—they have become important, sustaining partners of @savethechildren. . All of this love is simply to explain why I wore heels for the first time in two years and found myself out late on a Saturday night; I am grateful for all things Baby2Baby. ???? . (????: @gettyentertainment, @asussmanphoto). (Thank you, @raisinggoodhumanspodcast for joining me at the @lindenentertainment table—and for being the best, prettiest, funnest date).
11/16/2021 04:18
Monday morning. ????‍???? . ????: @bboysnack @circusaroundtheworld
11/15/2021 07:45
#WorldKindnessDay ???? (the one and only @cleowade)
11/13/2021 10:10

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