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Exercise class from today is on my IGTV! We had ice cream. We wore comfy clothes We didn’t feel self conscious We danced like fools A quick shot of endorphins to bring your weekend to a happier end. Hate diet culture. Love you. Exorcising the diet culture from exercise with @i_weigh x @aljacksonpt .
05/16/2021 07:38
@legendarymax HBO max. Out now.
05/16/2021 05:39
Thank you to @normani for showing up to support the Ballroom community. We love you at @legendarymax (episode 4 is out now). ❤️
05/15/2021 07:50
@andrechronicles says it better than me with more expertise and experience than me. It’s ok to defer to the words of others when you don’t know how to perfectly word how you feel. This video condemns the actions of the Israeli army and I would like to add that I also condemn the actions of Hamas, who weren’t mentioned in this speech, for endangering the lives of both Israelis and also Palestinians, as told to me by Palestinian people in my DMs during the past week. My DMs are closed for the time being. I wish everyone safety. ❤️
05/14/2021 09:23
I’m not anti surgery. I am pro transparency. Also. Black women reshaped the beauty industry, the problem is almost exclusively white women were paid for it. Wash rinse and repeat all of these statements of mine for all beauty influencers at the top. Not just the Kardashians. Even in Euphoria, those looks were first seen in Ballroom and on Black influencers like @flex.mami and the Original Master @patmcgrathreal Would love to see those people more credited. I would also love to see more South Asians and the Middle East shown love for the rise of kohl eyeliner and the smoky eyes we are responsible for heavily influencing. Just a thought for the beauty industry that take ethnic styles to emulate ethnic features on white/white passing faces. ❤️
05/11/2021 04:37
I did this glitter lip with gloss and glitter powder. I think I used @maccosmetics but you can use any glitter powder on any gloss. @legendarymax My blusher is Nars - Gina My skin in all @ctilburymakeup My eyes are also @ctilburymakeup (mascara and liner)
05/11/2021 02:37
Listen, I get it. I truly do. You want and need help and attention for your cause. You want to know that people see and care about what is happening. But more often than not, it is always the ones (mostly women) who speak up and out most about many subjects already, normally Black women or women of colour, and queer people, who are most pressured to take on the entire world’s other problems too... rather than our powerful/straight/white/male counterparts who do frankly fuck all ever about anything. You expect them to not care so you don’t pressure them. You can see we care so you demand us taking on your issue. It is entirely understandable logic. But it’s not realistic, nor is it fair on us. We are already moving targets because of the issues we already take on. When women, in particular, speak out about war, we are sent horrifying, personal and often terrifying private abuse. Almost entirely from men. This is the experience of a lot of my friends and myself. The choice to not speak up about every single war, every single injustice, every single crime against humanity, on earth... doesn’t mean we don’t know, don’t care, or aren’t helping/donating privately. It just means there is only so much any individual can take on meaningfully. I am OF COURSE always against military/police assault of innocent civilians. I also want to point out to the men messaging me in DM that I’m useless or a coward for not speaking up about what you want me to... when I go back through your messages to me, over the past few years, there is NO mention of support from you, for the things I fight for, like the safety of women in India, or the safety of Black trans women in America, or gay rights in Russia. You’ve normally just commented on my legs... As a mental health advocate I advocate also for my own peace. I wish I was a superhero who could take on all the world’s issues by myself. But I’m not, I’m an actress, with a past of mental illness doing my best to be helpful to people in the ways I know how. I also wish that men weren’t so violent towards women who speak out.
05/10/2021 08:53
Stylist of the Year @luxurylaw found time to put me in the most amazing gowns on @legendarymax , while also looking amazing himself, and being hilarious on our show, and taking over Hollywood red carpets... because what is he? An icon. Hair: my friend and love @thenicoleblais Make up: me
05/10/2021 05:45
05/09/2021 04:51
Sorry today’s workout wasn’t saved due to technical difficulties of IG live! My biggest fear WAS dancing in front of other people, until today... when that was replaced by dancing ALONE WITH NO MUSIC LIVE TO THE WORLD. Thanks for laughing along with me and sticking around for the whole thing. It was another great class, and the lovely messages are POURING IN once again in my DMS. I love you all. Fuck diet culture. We are taking exercise BACK. No compulsory tight clothing. No hunger. No pressure. No self hate. No self consciousness. Just joy, snacks, galloping and endorphins. See you next Saturday!
05/08/2021 08:00
Legendary starts TODAY on @hbomax expect to be left absolutely breathless. Please note my zebra (basically crotch high) boots, for EHlers Danlos Syndrome awareness month. Sending love to my fellow zebras. You’re so fucking brave and strong. Some days are so hard, and you’re rarely given the support you need because you “look fine” well... I know what it’s like... and I love and respect you. Here’s to smiling through the bullshit. ❤️
05/07/2021 04:51
The category is: Hollywood Glamour. Tell me what you think of @legendarymax season 2 when you get a chance to see it. #fauxfur #fashion
05/06/2021 05:13
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