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Thanks for also making me a girl mom @matthewkoma you are the most supportive/understanding/funny/willing/kind/ father and bonus dad there is. There’s no way in hell I could do this without you. I love the way you look at our kids in amazement with every little or big thing they do, I love how you pedal as fast as you can to make it home by 6 every night, I love how you wouldn’t change some of our toughest days with these creatures. You grocery shop like the best wife…you pack a mean lunch .. you do a great top knot …. You can still keep up with Luca in soccer … you are a GREAT assistant when the kids put you in the corner and just want me ???????? The fact that you hopped out of a car that was in bumper to bumper and ran a mile and a half up hill through traffic at JFK to make a flight last night after playing a show in Philly , sums up what you do for us. You’re never not trying. I have so much peace knowing we are and always will be top of mind for you. Thank you for being the calm, sensitive one. Thank you for all of your love and weirdness. You do it for me babe #HotDadFathersDay mmmm mmm mmm ???? in ten years on this day we sleep….. as much as we want
06/19/2022 03:23
Everyday with you is better than the last…. Happy Birthday to the one who makes us laugh the most and the one who has made me utterly and irreversibly complete. I love you beyond the moon @matthewkoma this has to be a simulation
06/02/2022 08:23
MJ happiness
05/24/2022 03:43
Red Nose Day is here! After two years of digital filters, the Red Noses are back @Walgreens nationwide. A donation of as little as $1 to @RedNoseDayUSA at Walgreens or online at Walgreens.com/RedNoseDay can help end the cycle of childhood poverty. Join me in helping Walgreens make things like health care, food and education more accessible for children living in poverty so they can live safe, healthy lives. #NosesOn #Walgreens #partner
05/23/2022 09:19
My friends know I am always on the hunt for my next great read. This month I found one courtesy of @bookofthemonth! I am the guest judge for the month and chose Breathless by @amymccullochbooks – it’s definitely a great page-turner, a thriller that follows Cecily Wong as she attempts to summit Mount Manaslu. You can learn more about Breathless and other great reads by following @bookofthemonth (I promise you that an adventure awaits!)
05/19/2022 11:17
You’re looking at @Carters first-ever Chief Mom Officer! That’s right… Carter’s named ME their new ‘CMO’ to share all my mom wisdom, hacks, tips, tricks and so much more. I designed two limited-edition baby collections (and a few surprises for mom too!) - the first one is launching this fall. I’m so excited to take you all on this journey with me. This parenting business isn’t always easy, but we need to remember, we’re all crushing it. Stay tuned for more to come!
05/18/2022 04:39
Leaving Les Deux 2006
05/16/2022 09:24
Sooooo, this was scary….. I knew doing this would terrify me and I was right! @womenshealthmag had the most lovely all-women shoot and I actually had the best time. I felt strong and beautiful and laughed a lot getting into some of these poses without my high waisted mom jeans and oversized whatever I normally wear. Thank you to everyone who normalized this day for me and propped me up with compliments and love. @nikkilee901 you worked your butt off! @kdeenihan I live for the no make up/make up look you give me and the “sheen” spray was ???????? @daniellamidenge I love these photos so much, thank you for capturing a moment in time where I felt both completely vulnerable but powerful. Other big thank you’s Editor-in-chief: @lizplosser Interview: @kvalby Stylist: @kgsaladino (jewelry basically????) Everyone played a part and I’m sending virtual hugs! @dominicleeder thank you for getting me motivated everyday and in this great shape! And to my mama bear of a publicist @kfostpr for letting me say yes ???? now my husband is really excited to troll me somehow so stay tuned ♥️
05/10/2022 06:38

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