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#Geralt #TheWitcher @witchernetflix
10/13/2021 02:59
A little over the shoulder of Geralt's mentor, master and guide. Vesemir. Kim very much brought a special energy to this character. Our scenes together were some of my favourites. #Vesemir #TUDUM
09/25/2021 11:20
The amazing, the wonderful, the electric and the enigmatic Kristofer Hivju. Kristofer was extraordinarily brave for season 2 of the Witcher and decided to play his character of Nivellen with zero make up or visual effects, as you can see above. Kristofer, we are all so proud. #Brave @Khivju #TUDUM
09/25/2021 11:19
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09/22/2021 02:29
Happy International Dog Day, everyone! For those that dont't know, this is Kal. He's an American Akita, 7 years old, and behaves like a puppy half the time and a wise old man the other half. #InternationalDogDay #AmericanAkita #Kal
08/26/2021 11:06
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08/24/2021 08:58
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08/21/2021 05:48
07/09/2021 11:08

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