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I once dated a man who was so full of venom and anger towards the church that he couldn’t see truth in anything dressed in the cloak of religions. But I believe that truth is everywhere. It can be found in the darkest hovel and in the highest temples if you have ears to hear it. Truth speaks and meets you where you are at. (I took this photo on a nature walk in the Canadian Pacific North West ???? #myhome #mysanctuary #mytruth) #truth #church #religion #sanctuary
04/10/2021 10:49
Dear Young Fans, I just wrote a post about growing up, and parenting, and grace, and failure. You responded so beautifully and were on my mind so powerfully, I had to pull over on the side of the road, mid drive home, and write to you. So many of you shared fear. Fear for your future. Fear for your today. I understand. I feel your fear. I face similar fears...for myself, for my children. You are beautiful in your fear. You are also capable of experiencing peace. I can only tell you what I have learned from my own experience: No matter how bad things get, no matter how upside down the world seems, peace can be found if you learn to quiet the noises coming from without, and get to know the voice within. We all have an inner guide. It has been called many names: still-small-voice, Holy Spirit, Atman, Krishna, conscience, inspiration...the name is not important. What is important is learning to listen to the voice that comes from the deepest place within you. If you look for it, if you sit still and listen, you will learn to hear it. This is your first guide. Many more guides will surround you in your life, but you will only know which ones to listen to if you are first in tune with the One within you. All my love. ???? #fear #peace #innerguide #holyspirit #atman #krishna #listen #bestill #pray #meditate #bestillandknow
04/09/2021 10:18
Growing up hurts. We are little unconditional beings who enter into a VERY conditional world and we are given two broken grown-up kids to be our guides. Their job is to prepare us for the billions of conditions we will meet “out there” everyday, more and more as we get older, while somehow trying to keep our innocence, joy and love in-tact. This is literally an impossible job. We all attempt this impossible task differently and should have a lot of grace for each other and for ourselves when it comes to the ways we fall-short. Art by @bj00100 ???? #parenting #momlife #grace #love #fear #patience #kindness #trust
04/09/2021 02:57
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03/25/2021 10:23
#snapshot of my life right now: Does anyone else out there happen to be an #Enneagram 1 raising an 8?????? #hardheaded #intense #combative Help!????????????
03/24/2021 12:52
For world poetry day, a poem by Mayaeni (I took the liberty to transcribe it from her song “Underdog”.) I’m an elusive person. Maybe overly cautious But wide as a greatest ocean. Yeah, it can cost you to be silent When they have spoken, To be out of the circle But part of the circus performance. Baby, I was so foolish to think That what’s in my head Is how you all feel about me. And how can I change what you feel When you already think You know my whole story And tell it so confidently. Now how can that be? I am just under - Under the mark, Right where the stars Fall from their brightest. Right under - Under the trees But high as the top, Shining. So it makes you wonder If what’s in the dark Will come to the light Just when you think that They are under. Just wait for me. Wait for me. Just wait for me. Sometimes I think I’m not chosen, Like I don’t fit the role or Wear the right clothes. I’m soft spoken and I’m not the type to go out - I stay home every evening Working on things That give my life a little more meaning. And you would be foolish to think That what’s in your head About how my life’s ending will be - Just standards determined by Numbers and empty receipts. But I still have value If I am not making money. Now how can that be? Cause I am just under - Under the mark, Right where the stars Fall from their brightest. Right under - Under the trees But high as the top, Shining. So it makes you wonder If what’s in the dark Will come to the light Just when you think that They are under. Just wait for me. Wait for me. Just wait for me. I am under - Under the mark, Right where the stars Fall from their brightest. Right under - Under the trees But high as the top, Shining. So it makes you wonder If what’s in the dark Will come to the light Just when you think that They are under. I am not under. - @mayaeni LINK ON BIO #worldpoetryday #poetry #lyrics #music #allthefeels
03/22/2021 11:00
Soul, Part 2 of 2: It took me YEARS to finally watch Coco. Based on the trailer I thought it would be another story about a kid with a music dream who sacrifices everything to make it. When my stubbornness finally gave-way and I watched the film, I was moved, touched and deeply encouraged to see a new message was finally surfacing or, should I say, an old message was returning: nothing is more important than love and family. Only, this time, that message made room for everybody in the family to honour their truth. It was breathtaking. Last night I watched another such film – one that takes the “passion before everything” myth and debunks it. Soul, by Pixar, follows a passionate jazz pianist who would give anything to finally “get his shot”. Its message is deep, soulful and simple: life isn’t about “your shot”, it’s about each moment on the way. It’s a refreshingly mature message during a shockingly immature moment in human history. I loved it. And…any movie that inspires a long kissing, tickling laugh-fest with my five-year-old afterwards is, in my books, a successful piece of art. Soul is my movie recommendation for this weekend. My five-year-old loved it. And adults! Teenagers! Even pre-teens and the elderly...this is a good one. It’ll stretch you and inspire you and, most importantly, remind you. And we all need a little reminder, sometimes, to keep us on track.
03/20/2021 12:48
Soul, Part 1 of 2: About ten years ago I visited an arts school. I was there as a guest of honour, and an honour it was. Getting to witness kids learning, at such young ages, to value and respect art as a high form of intelligence churned feelings deep in me that I couldn’t put words to. And then, spontaneously, they asked me to give words to the entire theater full of students. “Just 10, 15 minutes.” They said. “No big deal.” I had no idea what I was going to say to fill “just 10, 15 minutes.” It was a big deal, to me. I used to be the kid in those auditoriums hanging on every word, shushing other students. People who spoke to me as a child shaped me and formed my whole world view. It was a big deal and I had nothing prepared. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and settled into my heart. I opened my mouth and let it speak. What came out, to my surprise, was a message about what it means to be a success as an artist. I tried to relay to these middle-schoolers that being successful in our art has nothing to do with how famous we are for it. It isn’t about how much money it earns us or how respected we are by our peers. It’s about the joy that art brings us. I explained that a teacher who gigs at the local café with his little band could be far more successful an artist than Kanye West; that an art student putting their whole heart and soul into their term project could be more successful with that project than I was with LOST. I have spent years lamenting that children’s stories in our modern society seem obsessed with the “repressed-artist-gives-up-everything-to-follow-their-dream” story. That story was subversive and important in a time when most of our artists were so profoundly repressed. But today? Today in a time when art has become one of our highest and most widely distributed commercial enterprises? Today when the American Dream is no longer a family, a home and freedom, but fame, fortune and influence…often through the arts? That story has gone from a counter-culture rebellion to feeding the power and message of the mainstream. Do we really need to keep telling it to our kids? (Con’t in next post...)
03/20/2021 12:48
Ruth. (swipe) #ruthginsberg @unpossiblecuts #madeintheusa
03/14/2021 05:23
This film reminded me so much of @thesquickerwonkers - my macabre and whimsical children’s book series. (LINK IN BIO). It inspired me to pick up the mantle again. You can expect more #SquickerNews coming soon...???? @rodrigo_bastos_didier #thesquickerwonkers #squickerfans #squickerclub
03/11/2021 08:37
My five-year-old made the very natural assumption that the word Pinnochio is French for Monopoly. ???????? #pinnochio #monopoly #kidssaythedarndestthings
03/11/2021 01:52
Good art transports you so wholly that when you return, you are completely present with your own reality. Pinnochio by #MatteoGarone did that to me last night. When I awoke from the whimsical reverie it held me in, my life was suddenly filled with a magic and wonder that I had let fall dim in the effort of living. ✨ #magic #pinnochio
03/10/2021 06:09

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05 июля 2018
Сегодня в прокате стартует супергеройский боевик киновселенной Marvel «Человек-муравей и Оса». Исполнительница главной роли, актриса Эванджелин Лилли, рассказала о своем костюме.
28 июня 2018
38-летняя голливудская красавица Эванджелин Лили украсила страницы июльского выпуска популярного глянцевого журнала Shape. Актриса приняла участия в фотосессии в рамках промо-тура своей новой работы.
27 июня 2018
Вчера в Лос-Анджелесе состоялась премьера супергеройского блокбастера Marvel «Человек-муравей и Оса». На просмотр фильма пришли многочисленные звёздные гости.
23 октября 2015
Очередное пополнение в звездном семействе. 36-летняя канадская актриса Эванджелин Лили и ассистент режиссёра телесериала «Остаться в живых» Норман Кали стали родителями. Пока неизвестно имя и пол малыша.
30 июня 2015
35-летняя звезда нового боевика «Человек-муравей» Эванджелин Лилли на премьере картины в Голливуде продемонстрировала округлившийся животик. Красавица представляла фильм вместе с коллегами по съемочной площадке - Майклом Дугласом и Полом Раддом.
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