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Oh how I miss this dress ????
12/11/2022 05:28
Note to self: Watch out for paper cuts and lime ???? 1oz @casadelsoltequila blancoHalf lime squeeze1 tablespoon of agave/honeySplash of Fever-Tree tonic
11/27/2022 09:00
When you want a pick-me-up but you also want tequila ???? Our quick and easy EspresSOL Martini recipe is sooo good and available via @gopuff and @bevmo_co ⚡️ Or ask for it at @gloriaslatincuisine if you’re in TX or @strawberrymoon if you’re in Miami!
11/14/2022 08:05
Still not over this photo ???????? by @nicolasgerardin
10/19/2022 04:01
We must do our part in supporting and raising awareness for the movement being led by the brave women of Iran right now to protect their fundamental human rights and freedom. I see you and I stand with you ???????????? #womanlifefreedom #mahsaamini
10/06/2022 04:06
Reminiscing with @luckylunargy on the first time I saw myself on a #DesperateHousewives billboard! Such fun memories ☺️ watch the rest of this #MadeFromScratch episode on @fusetv
09/17/2022 05:42
Let the long weekend begin ???????? salud!
09/03/2022 06:27
Happy Monday! Make sure to add a little color to your week ✨
08/08/2022 07:06

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