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So excited to finally introduce the world to @CasaDelSolTequila ???? Thank you Aspen @FoodAndWine festival for the perfect setting for our launch! Available for pre-order now, link in my bio!
09/13/2021 12:24
CALIFORNIA, vote NO. If you care about justice reform, immigrant rights, climate change, reproductive rights, fair wages, and so much more, VOTE NO by mail or in-person before September 14th. It’s quick and simple, yet extremely important. ???????????? ✔️Vote NO on question 1 ✔️Leave question 2 BLANK ✔️sign, date, seal ✔️mail or drop off by September 14th
09/10/2021 05:37
“When the sun sets, the goddess rises” ???? Por fin! I’m so excited to officially announce the launch of @casadelsoltequila. As a Mexican American woman, it is always my mission to uplift voices of women and celebrate my heritage, so that others may be inspired by the limitless genius and artistry that is rich in our communities. I am so proud to be a co-founder of a brand with authentic Mexican roots with a strong female influence. Y’all know how much I love tequila and I am so excited for people to finally try Casa Del Sol’s bold taste that everyone will find unforgettable. We’ve worked incredibly hard to make sure our tequila is crafted to the highest quality using sustainable methods. Legend has it that the Aztec goddess Mayahuel created the agave. Of course, all great inventions come from women!
09/09/2021 08:28
I’ve been keeping a secret for far too long and I can’t wait to spill the te-quila! ????
09/08/2021 07:10
09/07/2021 05:20
My first transition video! How’d I do ????
09/04/2021 05:17
It's crazy to witness my home state of Texas pass our nation’s most restrictive abortion laws and in doing so, take many, many strides in the wrong direction. This is a blatant violation to all women, especially women of color. Texas is among the seven states and territories where the non-Hispanic White share of the population is below 50%, according to the Census Bureau. There were 11.4 million Texans who identified as Hispanic in the 2020 Census, making the group nearly as large as the non-Hispanic White demographic group in the state. (Source: @cnn) Laws like those passed this week disproportionately target women of color and low-income women. It's time for that to change. To all women, your body is your right. You are strong. We are strong! I’ve attached a resource created by @janesdueprocess - invest in one another. Take care of another. The fight’s only just beginning. ❤️
09/03/2021 09:58
Life motto!
09/01/2021 07:04

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