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Full circle.
05/27/2022 04:27
Thank you. ❤️
05/27/2022 03:11
I was with @BillieEilish for her first daytime TV performance, and now she’s with me for my series finale.
05/27/2022 02:08
It’s only fitting to have the voice behind our theme song on the final episode. @pink
05/27/2022 12:55
My first guest and my last❤️ @JenniferAniston
05/26/2022 11:06
My final monologue. ❤️
05/26/2022 09:08
The final episode. Tomorrow.
05/26/2022 04:01
@Oprah thought that my campaign to be on “O Magazine” was a joke… little did she know.
05/24/2022 11:54

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