Инстаграм Элли Фаннинг (Elle Fanning)

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I was a background actor in this movie and got to meet Elle! One of the kindest and most respectful people I’ve met
03/23/2023 02:09
Huzzah! ????
03/01/2023 04:59
STUNNING ????????????
01/27/2023 12:06
Wendy❤️The all great and powerful Wendy Lawson. I have never met anyone more elegant and full of strength. You fought until your last breath. You are my family. My second mother. I wish everyone in the world could have known the force of nature that is you. I feel sorry for those who did not. But the lives you touched are forever changed. The lessons and wisdom you instilled in me I know I am still yet to even discover… We were your students but more importantly we were your children. It far exceeded just teaching ballet. I would give up anything just to hear you say the word, “child” to me again in your soft lyrical voice. Oh how I miss our talks and your hugs that could make all sadness disappear. I hope to always make you proud and I will continue to make decisions in my life you will be proud of. You are my fairy angel now, guiding me and as hard as it is to not have you here with me, I know you are in heaven drinking the finest champagne with all your favorite old Hollywood stars, chatting with the Brontë sisters, flying to Neverland with your King Charles Spaniels, Oliver and Trevor, hunting with Artemis, and most importantly dancing with your beautiful mom. Seeing you in your final days was an unbearable pain I wish on no one. But you handled it with grace. You are the strongest person I have ever met and the only person I know who had the perfect bone structure to pull off a pixie cut. Your beauty was evident on the outside but the beauty inside your heart is what will stay with me forever. I would be nothing without you. I love you. ????????????️????????????‍♀️????????????????????????????????
01/21/2023 10:22
Rest amongst all the galaxies ????Dame Vivienne Westwood????The original punk. I remember our first time meeting in New York. I could not believe I was sipping tea with THE icon. You were unbelievably kind, hilarious, and oh so so incredibly… thoughtful. I had never met a truer individual. I spent most of that afternoon just listening and absorbing. (And your makeup has always been and always will be unmatched.) Forever inspiring us through your activism and endless creativity. Daring to disrupt and daring to be yourself 100% of the time. The world is better because it knew you. ♻️♻️????♻️????♻️♻️????♻️ all my love is with your Andreas and family❤️
12/30/2022 12:32
We’re Here is what the world needs right now! Season 3 is incredibly moving and inspiring. I have LOVED watching every Friday and heard that their last 2 episodes are their best yet!!!!! ????????????????????????????@thestephenwarren@johnnieinstagram@eurekaohara@bobthedragqueen@itsshangela@werehere@hbo#werehere #hbo
12/23/2022 10:19
#Claimyourfame #FamebyPacoRabanne
12/05/2022 11:28
The very essence of @pacorabanne feminity. FAME in a bottle #Claimyourfame #FamebyPacoRabanne
11/11/2022 10:15

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