Инстаграм Девор Ледридж (DeVore Ledridge)

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Matching sets>>‼️???? Ive got a code for y’all to get 10% @loungeunderwear ‘s entire site!! “DEVORE10” ;)))
05/11/2021 11:01
05/04/2021 08:52
Mother Earth goes crazy ‼️‼️ And we’re really doin her dirty right now. There are so many ways to implicate small changes in our daily life/routine that can help make a big impact in the journey to saving our planet. Its never difficult to find information. Google is your friend babes:))) #earthday ????????
04/23/2021 04:00
=sticky eyelids
04/18/2021 12:52
????????gf picked these out ;)????????
03/28/2021 01:01
I honestly don’t even know what day of the week it is. Life is so repetitive lately... is everyone good?? ????????
03/25/2021 10:01
Hi !∶∘∗◡∗☺︎
02/27/2021 10:59
Copped one of those valentine things everyone’s been talking about. She’s pretty cool i gotta admit ;) @aporrobrand
02/15/2021 04:03
I fink i look like billie in the first pic
01/15/2021 12:52
Like, is this actually real?
01/09/2021 03:52
THE BLATANT HYPOCRISY IS INFURIATING!!! I usually never come to post about politics on my main page but this is not something anyone should be quite about. If you are watching this all go down and still can not see how this system protects race rather than the people as a whole then you are clinically blind!!!
01/07/2021 04:55
Bruv snow is actually so cold tho
12/28/2020 03:15
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