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Epic night of celebration at the LIMITLESS premiere! Three years in the making and so grateful for all of the amazing people who helped make the show happen. Hope you get a chance to see it! Streaming now on @DisneyPlus @darrenaronofsky
11/17/2022 02:01
Super thankful for the @peopleschoice nominations. Both to myself and Thor: Love and Thunder. Vote at the link in bio.
10/27/2022 02:16
Running the marathon of life since 1983. #LimitlesswithChrisHemsworth, a #DisneyPlus Original series from @natgeo starts streaming November 16 only on @disneyplus
10/19/2022 02:02
Time for a Full Body Pump-Up with @centrfit.Push-Ups X 20 RepsDumbbell Pronated Grip Bent-Over Row X 10 RepsSit Thru X 20 RepsRest 30 Seconds (My favourite part)Dumbbell Floor Chest Fly X 20 RepsDumbbell Renegade Row X 10 RepsMountain Climbers X 20 Reps (each Side)Rest 30 Seconds (My favourite part, again)Dumbbell Static Lunge X 10 Reps (each side)Dumbbell Floor Tricep Extensions X 10 RepsBear Crawl X 30 SecondsRest 30 Seconds (My favourite part, again) go until you complete 4 sets!
10/10/2022 08:41
Try this one out ???????? Every 10 reps the exercise will change but the difficulty gets easier don’t stop until you hit 50 reps!!!Dumbbell burpee curl - 10 repsSquat curl press - 10 repsAlternating reverse lunge and curl - 10 repsBicep curl - 10 reps Standing shoulder press - 10 reps @centrfit
08/24/2022 09:47
It was truly amazing working with Christian Bale. Here we are having an in-depth conversation about our characters and the story of Thor: Love and Thunder...(I’d like to thank these two wonderful humans who worked tirelessly throughout our shoot helping set up and block out our scenes ????)
07/25/2022 10:36
Here’s some BTS rehearsals with Rocket. He’s one of the most generous artists I’ve ever worked with. Although super quiet...
07/14/2022 11:46
#ThorLoveAndThunder is in theaters in ONE WEEK. ❤️⚡️ Preorder tickets now, link in bio.
07/01/2022 11:54

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