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didn’t go well... maybe next time ????
01/12/2021 07:35
Catch me meditating everywhere
01/11/2021 03:23
This is my baby dog who I asked my family to watch for a month while I moved into my apartment last year and they ended up stealing him forever
01/07/2021 05:02
Ye olde girl
01/03/2021 08:48
FRIENDS & HBO MAX... two of my favorite things???? I did better at the trivia than I expected but I still have some brushing up to do???? I’m obsessed with HBO MAX and all of the incredible content they have available. Definitely helping to keep me occupied during this quiet holiday season. If you’re thinking for a fun & safe way to pass the time you should sign up for @hbomax. Click the link in my bio to get 20% off when you prepay for a 6 month subscription. Restrictions apply. ???? #ad
12/29/2020 10:55
Honestly it’s the peace sign in the second photo for me. Merry Christmas Eve ????
12/25/2020 01:35
Yes, I’m severely allergic to cats. Yes, I do believe that if I’m around Noble enough I will become immune to my cat allergies. No, the health care colleagues on my dad’s work call did not agree with my theory when my dad told them about it.
12/18/2020 08:39
One of my favorite things in the whole world are our family hikes ????
12/14/2020 11:52
I knitted these flowers myself
12/13/2020 12:10
it’s the suit matching the plants for me
12/11/2020 04:17
she’s a preppy gal
12/08/2020 07:54
All love, no hate ???? I promise I’m nice to her sometimes
12/03/2020 11:42
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