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03/24/2021 09:46
????Home is where the heart is???? @boohoo
03/23/2021 10:35
My sister from another Mr. ✨ Eva is just one of those girls that gets me. We get each other really. It’s always crazy when you meet someone where you don’t really have to say anything to know that you have some sort of connection. It’s hard to describe it but all I know is I’m thankful to have such strong women in my life @mylifeaseva ???? @jessicajckphoto
03/22/2021 08:07
Birthday photo dump ✨
03/20/2021 11:06
It was time for a change ✨ peep my TikTok for the whole transformation @kacey_welch x @thekaceywelchmethod
03/19/2021 06:48
The @smokeroses Show with our first guest @brycehall goes live at 12:00 PST today! With the help of @losangelestraditional we were able to create a show you’ve definitely never seen before. Live on my YouTube in one hour...Link in Bio
03/18/2021 09:15
Nothing makes me feel more alive, so fun to go back out with the @oneoceandiving fam and we got to see a hammerhead ❤️ My respect for animals is beyond me at times, I see them as equals and even more incredible than we are. People’s blind fear of non domesticated animals is simple lack of education, some of the most vicious animals have been the most surreal and majestic animals to meet. Coconuts literally kill more people than sharks do a year. 100 million sharks are killed yearly vs 57 humans being bit by sharks. If anything they should be scared of us...
03/17/2021 07:22
Miami livin in my @alo ???? finally getting tan again and I feel so much better! Sean and I saw a huge shark in the water right before taking this picture ???? also...Who’s ready for the official drop of the first smoke roses episode on Thursday ????
03/16/2021 09:07
Late night shoots w @huntermoreno
03/15/2021 09:27
Miami baby ???? with the best @jettheworld @mavenslist.app @rjlasasso
03/14/2021 12:49
Full video on YouTube now... my life for the past three years has been a series of beautiful fleeting moments, people, and indescribable experiences. Every day I figure out more and more what my purpose on this earth is. This is just the beginning ✨ and this was such a special project for me to work on especially with one of my best friends @evanpaterakis . ALSO SNEAK PEAK OF MY NEW SONG COMING OUT AT THE END ????
03/11/2021 09:33
This birthday has been one I could’ve never imagined. Thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes. Here’s me just being your stereotypical travel/hippie bitch and swimming in my pool in the rain. I have a really special project coming out tomorrow w @evanpaterakis that literally brought me to tears watching it yesterday. I’m really excited to share it with you guys on my YouTube tomorrow. It reflects the past three years of my life, the ups and downs, the places I’ve been, the incredible people that I’ve met. It really reflects the love and support you guys show me on a daily basis. Hopefully I can give it back ❤️
03/10/2021 09:54
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