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アンラッキー #kohproject
05/09/2021 01:17
softness with strength, sexual still spiritual, independent yet connected, deeply rooted but free, flawed and sacred. we are women of many shades. who i am is for me to define.
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03/29/2021 02:42
we are not the same with or without
11/17/2020 02:04
Coming soon.. #watchthisspace
11/14/2020 12:14
PSA! ????????❤️ I am so THRILLED, THANKFUL, GRATEFUL and EXCITED to FINALLY announce my new role as ambassador and industry mentor for @first.nations.fashion.design. We are a not-for-profit Indigenous organisation that mentors and provides Indigenous creatives a platform within the fashion industry. I’ve long dreamed of this moment where my culture and career collide and I can’t WAIT to share this journey with you all. Starting with our very FIRST event ‘Walking in Two Worlds’ coming to you in December.. #watchthisspace Organisation: @first.nations.fashion.design Creative Director: ????????‍♀️ Cinematographer: @casimirdickson Talent: @nathan.mcguire Editor: @giannuhh @convicts With a HUGE special thanks to: @pixonlocation #walkingintwoworlds #FNFD I can’t thank this team enough for their time and effort on this project. I appreciate you tremendously! AND If you haven’t already, head on down to @broadwaysydney and visit FNFD’s NAIDOC week pop-up on level 3. #naidocweek #alwayswasalwayswillbe
11/10/2020 02:43
Two years ago today I booked a last minute ticket with my best friend and discovered Greece for the first time.. I’d just come off the back of an emotional and overwhelming runway season with a dim light and broken spirit; but then there was Eddie. One of my dearest friends reached out with both arms and offered me time and space to heal. Three relentless days scouring the island of Santorini by ATV. We watched the sun rise and set, ate fast food and five-star food, went sightseeing from shore to shore, had deep conversations amongst the stars and danced with the elements. I hope you find/have someone in your life who brings you back down to earth and reminds you of what’s real, especially during such uncertain times, or perhaps you’re the one reaching out offering salvation. You’re extremely important to those who love you. Check on your friends. Find your Eddie. ✨ #unforgettable
10/12/2020 03:19
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