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06/22/2022 05:12
Mmeeoowwrr ???? @brennahblackmarket
06/06/2022 02:24
Content directed and produced by me ???????? @brennahblackmarket
05/17/2022 04:21
‘A rose among the thorns’ ???? Something unique by @i.mays and @beautybymichellev
05/12/2022 08:34
a heart very much like the sea ???? Photographed by the legend @roiallenhenson ????
05/10/2022 05:35
American Honey ???? @honeybirdette
05/09/2022 06:51
The past 5 months have been incredibly introspective. I’ve been manifesting and praying often to remind the universe and myself how grateful I am to be present and thriving. This morning I was casually driving and a melodic song came on I had never heard before. The song made me feel like breathing deeply, so I just started breathing with the music until the song came to an end at around 7 minutes and thirty seconds! Chills came over my arms, my heart felt light, and my eyes were tearing. It was an oddly beautiful, euphoric self discovery I can’t truly describe quite as deeply as the experience was felt. I felt like sharing because maybe intentional conscious breathing to a good song will make your day too! I’m making up my own words, but I guess it’s like what yogis practice! It reminds me me of acting exercises I used to do with a reiki healer producer friend when we were getting into deep character work. Hope y’all are enjoying the weekend. Hugs…????
05/08/2022 12:05
Sandy Cheeks ???????? Shop the Brennah Black Collection @yandy link in bio!
05/05/2022 11:05
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