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@thewayhomehallmarkchannel @hallmarkchannel @chy_leigh @alex.hook @sadie_snow @evanmwilliams thank you so much for allowing me to play DelMarley Reed, Heather Conkie and Alexandra Clarke created this series with heart and soul. working along side gorgeous Chyler was a breathtaking experience of fortitude and strength. Sadie a tender thoughtful beautiful young actor who I loved working with. Sweet Evan, oh my gosh what can I say (delivering the calf) I love watching you on the screen and I’m extremely grateful for your kindness towards me. All the actors worked very very hard to deliver because we all knew we had something special. Alex did such a beautiful job of portraying young Kat. i’m grateful to be back with Hallmark they always treated me so respectfully and I never forgot that. I tell everyone how good they are to their actors. We work hard and we work fast but there is beautiful camaraderie. I am appreciative to all the directors and our talented DP Tom Best. The crew, oh my gosh the crew was amazing, so many beautiful people.i’m grateful to be back for a second season. I’m looking forward to seeing what the creative team writes because they blew my mind with every script last season. it is an extreme privilege my job.I always recognize that when I’m doing it even when I’m cold and I’m tired I remind myself that I get to play make-believe my most favorite game in the whole world. And then I look around the set I see all the people that make everything possible.❤️????
03/24/2023 03:41
You beauty @andiemacdowell ❤️❤️❤️
03/16/2023 11:02
Andie… you are an absolute GEM!! Gorgeous inside and out!
01/25/2023 11:43
@lorealparis @cindybruna @narrativepr @chaselehner #worthit #standup #paris @marc_eram @stephanelancien @thevalgarland Extremely grateful to have the honor to wear this gorgeous dress that was made for the Paris opera. Always an honor to represent women of a certain age in a way that pushes the boundaries and shouts out we deserve to be included, starred and loved. I enjoy being glamorous more now than I ever have. my favorite part was the love and affection that I felt from the other actresses and models … I cannot thank them enough for their support, applause, hoots, hollering and encouragement ♥️????I love them all!#Gratitude so extremely grateful to have been a part truly an honorthank you Delphene and Chase for telling me to be bold and brave!
10/12/2022 10:33
@theststyle Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures & story.As We AgeWe deserve dignity & pride!We deserve to feel glorious!I’ve always said there’s no expiration date on beauty.. The last thing we need is our culture or people making us feel shame for getting older.This is our time to feel our most positive emotions and feelings about ourselves. We’ve worked hard and we deserve it! Love yourself and lift others up♥️Look at these gorgeous clothes! Exuberant, fierce, cool and fun!thank you so much I loved wearing them.Great photographer beautiful light????Thank you ☺️#Healthy #Hike #yoga #strengthtraining #greenjuice #Vegetables #Friends #treehugger @craigmcdeanstudio @hairbyorlandopita @francelledaly @megumiyamamotonyc @piershanmer @risamargo @narrativeprLove the hair and make up thank you so very very much???? LIFT UP OTHER WOMEN #support #age #womensupportingwomen
08/01/2022 07:21
Я ТАК ХОЧУ:Чтобы лето не кончалосьЧтобы пузо не болталосьЧтобы мама не ругаласьЧтобы я со со всем справляласьПсиханула, но сдержаласьЗа курс евро не бояласьВ чужом ???? не копаласьС мнением детей считаласьК сильному плечу прижаласьВ Вечернем Урганте снималасьКресло в Шмаркете продалосьВсякой х***ни не случалось…Продолжайте в комментариях! За лучшие варианты ????????
08/01/2022 06:51
@sarahelizabethmintz Wrote and directed her first feature #goodgirljane it just won best feature @Tribeca and the lead actress won best performance @nynarain Two extremely gifted women brave, fearless and without any reservation pure honest full on! ♥️Patrick and Rain together are tangible, complex and carry the movie with their souls. You know what it feels like to really fall in love, to feel that deep deep connection, that feeling when you look in someone’s eyes and your body melts. It’s the greatest drug you’ve ever been on. If you find yourself in life in a place of desperate loneliness and that love shows up there is nothing more powerful.We all know loneliness (I think) most of us have been misunderstood, confused, scared.When a movie is done well it takes you on a trip, you dive deep into the characters and you go with them and you feel everything they feel. Good Girl Jane is painted by the DP the Director the editor the music and all gifted crew & actors made this film feel deeply beautifully real.Congratulations to everyone DAMN! It’s good! Sarah look what you did!!! @sarahelizabethmintz @nynarain @odessaazion @goodgirljanefilm @tribeca @shakewell @imyeek @diegochiat @julesmoriah @paddygibson @eloisahuggins @themonewolf @olanprenatt @jpsaner @laurensuzannepratt the producers!!!!!!♥️
06/19/2022 07:21
My son plants fruit trees that’s how he has fun. Nicolette and Justin are down to earth in every way. They are always there for their friends and family. Pure goodness in the coolest way! Montana provides the perfect home for them and the quiet solitude they deserve. When so much of the world is looking for attention they are looking for each other and waiting for the perfect gift their child. My son never looks at his phone, he does not live a life online. He has been a blessing and a gift to me from the very beginning. The best thing that ever happened to me. AND I cannot wait to meet my granddaughter! ????I am so extremely grateful for my three children and their father. My children are the best part of my life. I am constantly learning from them, they are my greatest teachers. My job, my work is wonderful but my children are my life. I cannot wait to meet my sweet new grandchild. I’m so proud of all three of my children. and I love and I’m proud of sweet Nicolette too!!!#blessings seen #graditude felt #humble living is #joyful #honestbeauty #keepingitreal #proudofyou
06/17/2022 02:21
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