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Whether you’re carrying your 18-month-old around the house on your hip or on your sixth marathon of the year, you’re an athlete. You move, run, twist, lift, and get things done daily. So why not treat your body to the best? This summer, I am proud to be one of the 7 elite athletes @NordicTrack and @iFit is sponsoring as we prepare to go for gold. Now is your opportunity to run, bike, lift, and recover side-by-side with some of the greatest athletes on the planet. Get moving. Reach your goals. Go for the gold. The only thing stopping you is you. #teamnordictrack
06/08/2021 02:27
My @iFit Series Train Like a Pro is out NOW! ???? 2 new series, 2 different ways to train. Come train with me as I lead you through cardio and strength training workouts I’ve created exclusively for iFIT. You’ll run with me on the training field and the beach in my cardio series, then we’ll hit some bodyweight cross-training in my strength series. Download the iFIT app at the link in my bio for a 30-day trial and schedule my workouts. Let’s get ready to work! ???? ????
06/03/2021 06:58
Your mom could never ????// @jreper
06/03/2021 02:22
The best days=game days. @orlpride vs NC on paramount+ and twitch. LFG BBY
05/22/2021 11:40
The better I sleep, the better I recover, the better I play. It's basic science. ???? ⁣ ⁣ Link in bio to save big! #TeamMolecule⁣
05/21/2021 11:16
My happy place
05/18/2021 04:51
Following their lead on this whole mom thing. Learn from the best and lead with love. Happy Mother's Day!
05/10/2021 01:35
How it started ➡️ How mom thought it would go x1000 ➡️ how it ended
05/08/2021 04:59
1 is off to a strong start with those NONEWFRIENDS vibes
05/07/2021 09:27
My baby girl is 1! I love watching every little moment as Charlie makes her mark in this world. My everything and more, happy birthday sweet girl.
05/07/2021 08:59
My favorite kind of day... game day!!! @orlpride v NC tonight at 730pmET on cbs sportsnet & twitch
05/01/2021 06:35
I’m so excited to announce that I’m an @iFit Trainer! My exclusive iFit Series, Train like a Pro, is coming soon! I’ve created this cardio and strength series based on my own workouts and training programs. If you’re not a member yet, head to the link in my bio and download the @iFit app for a free 30 day trial. I can’t wait to train with you all on iFit!
04/29/2021 11:21
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